Training Programs to Accelerate Your Sports Performance

Training Programs to Accelerate Your Sports Performance

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Training Programs to Accelerate Your Sports Performance

If you're an athlete and you are doing standard strength training on a generalized program, you need to take a step back and find a specific regime for your sport and athletic needs. Depending on your sport you may require more endurance, power, balance or speed. Training for each of these is slightly different, and should be met with specific training to accelerate your sports performance.

Let's break down each category and see how you could accelerate your sports performance.


Endurance Based Sports

If you're a runner, soccer player or a golf player, you need to train for endurance. Training for endurance is simple but takes time. Your goal is to improve muscular endurance - this means you need to keep your workouts long, with low intensity. If you are weight training, keep the repetitions high but with a light load.


Power Based Sports

Basketball, football, and track/field are all power-based sports. Training for power based sports is very specific because you need to have the endurance to last the entire game, but also strength and power when it is needed. Keep your workouts between 60-90 minutes at a moderate intensity. If you are training with free weights, keep the load moderately heavy, with low repetitions.


Speed Based Sports

This is a very specific style of training. For example, if you are an athlete who runs the 100m, all of your training should cater to the specific needs of that run. Your training should consist of very short, high intensity workouts. When you train for strength the load should be heavy with very few repetitions. This will help to teach your muscles and energy systems to adapt to the needs of a short sprint.

If you are looking for a highly specific training program, these are a couple of tips to accelerate your sports performance.