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Training Tips To Build Lean Muscle

Training Tips To Build Lean Muscle

April 3rd Training And Programs

Training Tips To Build Lean Muscle

With a million different ways to build lean muscle, you could start to lose your way. And while some methods do work, most could be a waste of your precious time. We’re here to help you focus on the ways that do work to help you get those gains, son.

Building lean muscles is all about dedication and perseverance—but more importantly, it’s about correctly performing the exercise so that you shed that fat, and gain the muscles.


Use The Big Lifts

While isolation exercises such as bicep curls should be present in your training program, they shouldn't be your primary focus. This is especially true when trying to build muscle.

By spending the majority of your time squatting, deadlifting, benching, and pressing, you will soon build lean muscle. These lifts promote a response in the muscle building hormone, testosterone—the key hormone needed when building lean muscle.



Spending hours and hours in the gym lifting heavy weights may seem like the most logical way to build lean muscle, but it is actually the recovery period that repairs any damaged tissues which, in turn, promotes lean muscle growth.

PRO TIP: Avoid lifting weights every day. Allow at least one day in between heavy strength sessions to recover and build lean muscle.


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Including HIIT may seem counterproductive in building lean muscle. This is true if you were using only bodyweight exercises. But using heavy kettlebells or dumbbells will have you well on your way to building lean muscle. Moderate to heavy weights for a high number of reps is the perfect way to build those lean muscles.


An added bonus of adding HIIT routines into your workout is that you’re not only building lean muscle, but you’re also burning that pesky fat at the same time!