Each time I looked through the fitness magazines, I was encouraged more than ever to work harder to transform my physique and my body shape. I always felt that if other ladies could do it, so could I. It all started then I was deployed to the Middle East and I had the chance to go through a lot of magazines, and each of the fitness magazines just made me want to work harder to achieve my goals. I always wanted to become a fitness model so that I would be able to be at the top and have other ladies look up to me as a role model.

I have always been inspired by Amanda Latona, Vanessa Campbell, Candice Graham and Nathalia Melo, and each time I look at them I always want to have a body like that. When you come into my house, you will find their photos all over my refrigerator as a reminder of just how much work I need to do to look the way I want. I never knew I would be so driven to achieve my goals until this one time when I observed a competition and was so sure it was what I wanted to do. The next step for me was to get in touch with a personal trainer and start the hard work that would soon see me achieve all my goals.

I was so determined that between the year 2012 and 2013 I managed to enlist in and compete in 11 shows, and most of them were in body building federations. Perhaps what made it easier for me is the fact that I have always wanted to live a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly and just stay at the top of my game all the time. Besides that, I have spent most of my life being a health advocate, so you will easily find me working towards proper nutrition, dieting and exercise with those around me. It gets easier for me because I was brought up by my dad, who was a personal trainer, and from then I naturally picked up on the habit, and have been trying to live healthy since then.

I am also a religious person, and always pray whenever I can. I realize that being religious gives me this deep sense of strength to overcome most of my challenges. Working out to get this kind of body is not one of the easiest things to do, especially for someone aged 40 like I am, so I try to channel all my energy towards making sure that I can achieve my goals and be that light that others need to also be able to meet their goals.

Besides, I see my workout sessions as a journey through which I have met and come across a lot of different people all whose insight has seen me get to where I am today. Because of this it is important to me to make sure that I keep sharing my knowledge with anyone who needs it.