From as early as 1984 I have been in this industry in one way or the other. I can say I have 30 years’ experience in the industry and still going strong. I am naturally a determined person and I always keep pushing on and pressing on harder to make sure that I keep achieving my goals. Apart from working out as hard as I can at the gym pumping iron, I also spend most of my time designing specific clothes for bodybuilders. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t fit into any of those designer dresses that you get around for runway models. Not that I look down on the runway models or anything, but honestly, with the kind of bodies that we work so hard to die for at the gym I figured that there was not so much of a choice out there for us, so it is this that made me put my designing talent to use and that is how I came to be a designer for bodybuilders’ clothes.

With my proud 30 years in the industry I have come across a lot of people, all of different ideologies over time. I can say that the world of bodybuilders is split in two categories, those who would normally go natural all the way and those who use steroids. In my opinion I have to write this to share my ideas and thoughts with other individuals out there. It racks my brain to know this much and not be able to tell it to the world. Of what use is knowledge if it cannot be shared, right? Well, by the end of it all, these are my opinions and everyone else is entitled to their own opinions on my opinions.

Up to date I have not been able to figure out which is the better side of those who go natural all the way, and those who use steroids. They all seem to have a valid argument or support for their decisions, and I cannot fault them on that. Every other day you will go to the gym and you can be sure to come across someone really looks like they are on steroids. If not, then you will come across someone who will think the same of someone else. Unfortunately I came to understand that most of those who normally hurl the accusations at others hardly ever have an idea of what the real difference is.

I was a big girl back in the day, and this is one of the main reasons why I found myself pumping iron. Since I started to date, I have kept at it and am so proud of all the years that I have spent working harder by the day doing this. I have loved this and am pretty sure I will still love it every other day. Whether or not bodybuilding is considered a sport, I do not think I will even need to change my mind. I love it passionately, and nothing can ever come between us.