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What to Eat for Strong Muscles

What to Eat for Strong Muscles

April 2nd Nutrition And Recipes

What to Eat for Strong Muscles

If you're going to the gym and lifting weights to build strong muscles, but not eating in a way to support these goals, you’re really not making the most of your workouts.

In order to build strong muscles, you need to lift weights, but more importantly, you also need to eat the right food.

Below you are going to find some of the best bodybuilding foods to help you build strong muscles.


One of the cheapest sources of foods available, the humble egg contains around 9 grams of protein. Eggs also contain healthy fats which help increase testosterone levels needed to build muscles.


Fatty fish such as sardines or salmon contain high amounts of protein which help in the repair and growth of new muscle. Another bonus of eating fatty fish is that they contain a high amount of omega 3 oil which could help prevent joint pain by reducing inflammation.


Chicken and turkey contain some of the highest amounts of protein. A medium sized turkey breast can have around 40 grams of protein—a really good amount per meal to help you build muscles.


Not only does beef contain high amounts of protein for muscle building, but it also contains all the B vitamins. These B vitamins and protein will help with recovery and muscle growth.

Protein Shake

While not a whole food source, protein shakes are a great way to help build muscles.


Just one scoop of protein powder can contain around 30 grams of protein.  Plus, with a protein shake, it's much easier to drink while on the go or after a gym session.


With different flavored protein-filled snacks and protein shakes available at Sporter.com, there’s no wonder why we’re the best when it comes to protein supplements for strong muscles.


While there are many more foods to chose from, this list is a great place to start.

Adding just a few of these into your diet will soon see you building strong muscles in no time!