However much you are enlightened about the bodybuilding process, there are some realities that you will have to face. It is not as smooth sailing as most of us expect it to be, but then again you still have to keep working harder to crack it. There are three important things involved in bodybuilding, the mind, the body and the spirit. All of these have to come together if you really want to be successful when you are working out. Because of this it is important that you realize how much you need to give in this to succeed. You cannot just come to the gym and start working away and hope to succeed. There has to be something else, there has to be something that drives you to succeed, that motivation must come from somewhere in you.

There are a lot of motivational books out there that try to get you to think about life differently in order to get the best results. I remember this one time when I was approached by a client who had been referred to me by another, and as we were trying to get along, I mentioned that I had been doing this for more than 40 years, and he was shocked. He wondered and rightfully so, how I had managed to keep at it for 40 years, and could not believe it until I had to show him some photos

He asked me this question that everyone loves to ask me, how I had managed to do it all those years, and my answer was so simple, I was inspired. I had been inspired to do what I was doing and I loved it, I lived it and it was my life. There is the misconception that so many individuals have about bodybuilding that it is boring, is painful and is pretty much unnecessary because by the end of it all, we all get to die, and it’s not like bodybuilding will make you too strong to die. Every other time I listen to someone say that it really gets to me, because they miss the whole point, the concept behind bodybuilding. It is not about wanting something in return, but you are doing this to become a better individual. Bodybuilding is not about giving returns or expecting returns from someone, it is all about you. The body needs this. You do not necessarily have to be in it to compete and get ripped muscles, but it is good for your health.

Everything about bodybuilding is all about you. You have the thirst to succeed, without that you might not be as inspired to go the extra mile. You have the desire to be in a better physical shape than you are at the moment, without which you will not be inspired to get at the equipment the way some of us do. It has been said so many times and I cannot help but repeat the same too, you have to look deeper into your life and you will get that inspiration to succeed.