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Why it’s Important for Women to Build Muscle

Why it’s Important for Women to Build Muscle

April 2nd Training And Programs

Why it’s Important for Women to Build Muscle

Congratulations on taking the first steps towards regular exercise. Maybe you’ve started to walk, go for a jog, or even introduce some swimming sessions. Starting out is always the hardest part, so give yourself a pat on the back!

In a basic sense, cardiovascular exercise is the type of exercise that gives your heart and lungs a really good workout. Swimming and running could both fit into this category. Resistance training is the type of exercise that helps you to build muscle. One example is weight training.

Have you added some type of resistance training to your workout schedule? Let’s take a look at the reasons why it’s important for women to build muscle by doing this type of exercise.

The reasons you need to build muscle

  • - Having adequate muscle mass helps you to burn more calories because it’s a very metabolically ‘hungry’ tissue. It even helps you to burn more body fat at rest!
  • - Muscle mass naturally peaks sometime around your early thirties. Building muscle will help counter the effects of age related muscle decline
  • - You’ll have more strength for activities of daily living such as lifting boxes and getting lids off jars. This also means that you’ll find it easier to do things like getting out of the bath by yourself when you’re 90!
  • - To help you achieve the body shape you desire. Resistance training will help sculpt your body so that your clothes will fit just the way you want them to
  • - Your risk of injury will be decreased. Strong muscles help stabilize your joints so you can feel stronger and more confident when you’re running around, or playing sports
  • - Muscle building goes hand in hand with strong bones. Muscle building exercises increase bone density and help minimize your risk of conditions such as osteoporosis

Check out our muscle building category for products that can help complement your muscle building workout efforts.