Why You Should Start Taking a Fish Oil Supplement Today

Why You Should Start Taking a Fish Oil Supplement Today

April 2nd Nutrition And Recipes

Why You Should Start Taking a Fish Oil Supplement Today

Fish oil is an excellent source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids and should be high on your list of supplements when you’re working out, whether you’re a bodybuilder, a CrossFitter, or a runner.

Even though Omega 3 can be found in some foods, when you’re focused on improving your overall health, supplements such as Optimum Fish Oil Softgels from Sporter.com could help you get the most benefit.


Why should you take an Omega 3 supplement?

The most significant reason is that Optimum Fish Oil Softgels can enhance the effects of exercise and support healthy cholesterol (HDL) levels while decreasing body fat and the risk of heart disease.

Fish oil can also help reduce inflammation, helping to treat any workout-related injuries much faster and get you back on the exercise wheel.

There are other benefits of adding fish oil to your nutrition regimen:

  • ● Improve bone health
  • ● Joint protection
  • ● Energy and mood booster
  • ● Lower blood pressure
  • ● Improve fat metabolism
  • ● Memory booster

Omega 3 can be found naturally in some foods, such as:

  • ● Flax oil or seeds
  • ● Salmon, anchovies, and other oily fish
  • ● Walnuts
  • ● Eggs (look for those fortified with Omega 3)
  • ● Hemp and chia seeds

A great Omega-3 packed lunch could be a simple kale salad with some seared salmon, toasted walnuts, half an avocado, a sprinkle of flax and chia seeds and dressed with some lemon juice, a drizzle of honey and flax oil.

For the days when you just don’t have enough time to fret in the kitchen prepping lunch for work, taking a daily fish oil supplement is the way to go. It will ensure that you get that right amount of Omega 3 that your body needs. Just pair the Optimum Fish Oil Softgels with a meal, and you’re on your way to better health.