Not everyone has that opportunity to just go out there on their first competition and win it hands down. It takes a little more than luck to be that kind of person. Most people train a good part of their lives, give up, get back up again and still do not even come close. However, Wendi West is a different case altogether. For Wendi, the very first time she set foot on the nationals’ stage, she emerged the winner, something that not so many people have ever come close to dreaming about.

Today Wendi has quite a number of trophies in her cabinet, each of which marks memorable moments in her life, moments that she will never forget. Every one of the trophies always has a story. She relishes the chance to tell her stories to anyone who has the time, because such a story each of them has, and all you can do is to sit down and listen in awe as she goes through one hurdle after the other. However, she tells her story….

I have been able to achieve so much thanks to the life that I chose to lead, the life of hard work, eating healthy and exercising every other day. Through all these competitions that I enrolled in, I was always being challenged to do one thing or the other, and this made my life a bit complicated. I always wanted to be the best, and coming up against some really serious challengers was one of those moments in life that I cannot take for granted. Personally I had my goals that I had set, goals that I had to achieve if at all I was to come any closer to being the success I had always envisioned myself to be.

I was a very active kid while I was growing up, spent most of my time either in some activity at school or at home. From dance classes when I was only four to being a part of the athletics team in high school, it was always activity for me, nothing more nothing less. My love affair with weights began back in college. Perhaps I had the right motivators, or those around me were just so good at making me realize how badly I wanted to be in love with weights. I was still actively involved in all these athletic events and could not forego any of them. Soon after I took up the dancing seriously and kept pursuing it to wherever I believed it would take me. Indeed I managed to become quite the enthusiast. I even went on to win in my first regional competition back in 1997 in Connecticut, moments that I never forget.

I can remember when we went for the nationals and I was standing there just next to Katie Uter, wondering how awesome it would be to come second to her. Little did I know that she was going to come second to me. It was really an incredible moment for me, and a host of the other competitors really were genuinely happy for all I had achieved so far.