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Women’s Yoga Workout for Strong and Shapely Legs

Women’s Yoga Workout for Strong and Shapely Legs

April 2nd Training And Programs

Women’s Yoga Workout for Strong and Shapely Legs

Most standing yoga postures target your thighs and hips. Also, several – such as balancing poses – are great ankle strengtheners, for women who participate in a high-impact activity such as running. For strong, shapely legs and firm glutes, try these yoga poses for beginners.

1- High lunge pose repetitions

Breathe in, and step your left foot back into a lunge position. Your front knee should be stacked over your front ankle. Press firmly into the front foot. Inhale and extend your arms forward and up towards the ceiling. Keep the arms reaching upwards, or for more stability, place the hands on the hips.

Inhale and lower the back knee almost all the way to the ground, but don’t touch the ground. On your exhale, press it back into a lunge. Do five more of these, inhaling and lowering without touching the ground, and exhaling and pressing it back up. Repeat on the other side.

2- Warrior two pose

From a high lunge, lower the back heel to the mat and plant the back foot at 45 degrees (back foot should be pointing towards the front left corner of the mat). Turn your torso to face the left side of the room and bring your arms to a T, palms facing the ground, in Warrior Two pose. Stay here for at least three breaths, bending deep into the front knee. When finished, repeat on the other side.

3- Goddess pose

Turn both feet out, with toes pointing out towards the corners of your mat. Bring your hands to your hips, and bend into your knees to come into a squat, in Goddess pose. On your inhale, straighten the legs. Exhale and bend into your squat. Repeat five times. On your last repetition, hold in Goddess pose. Pull the knees back while pressing the hips forward.

4- Warrior Three pose

Come back into a high lunge. Step your back foot up about halfway up the yoga mat. Place hands on your hips or down by your side. Press firmly into the front foot, and lean the torso slightly forward while drawing the navel in towards the spine. On an inhale, begin to lift the back foot off of the ground. In the full Warrior Three pose, your torso and back leg are parallel with the ground. Exhale to gently release the back leg to the ground, and repeat on the other side.