Time is never on anyone’s side, that’s for sure. Whenever you are thinking of working out most people tend to use the excuse that they do not have enough time to carry through with their workout process. Time is just but an excuse that a lot of people use to avoid working out, or to slack off. When you are running out of time, or if you are genuinely short of time there are workout instructions that you can follow to be able to boost the efficiency of your training. From GPP, EDT and HIIT, there are so many training schedules that you can start on which will make it possible for you to achieve the results you want.

Many are those who have been to the gym and started working out for a few minutes only to get an urgent call that they are needed somewhere. There are situations in life that can force you to skip the gym altogether, but this is not what bodybuilders are supposed to do. Bodybuilders never give up, and never make the gym and their training come second to anything else. Do not despair, there are workout regimes that you can start on to ensure that you make the most out of the little time that you have at the gym.

If you are an active individual you will understand that family, work and other schedules will definitely conflict with the gym time every other day, so you have to know how to make the ultimate sacrifice and handle all of them. It is important that you focus on effectiveness so that you can get the best out of the few minutes that you will be at the gym. Normally I divide my workouts into categories so that it becomes easier to handle all of them in as short a time as I have.

Some of my best choices for strength training include bench presses, Olympic lifts and deadlifts. However, just in case you are wondering, the lifts normally are very tiresome because they require a lot of muscle. This is imperative because you will be lifting with a lot of intensity due to the lack of time. With this in mind, set your weights in such a way that you can use around 5 repetitions for every set, and remember to tone down on the volume.

My first squat schedule is perfect for someone who wants to pack some serious mass. First you will need to do some cardio warm ups then a couple of stretching exercises. Remember; even when you are short of time you still have to warm up. This will help you prevent unnecessary injuries. From there you can start on the 10 x Bar, then take the 20-rep squats to a maximum of 10-15 repetition. Since you will be squatting around 20 times, it is important that you take lots of deep breaths as the body gets ready for the next rep. When you are through you can do some low intensity cardio to remove lactic acid from the muscles.