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Workout Programs That Maximize Your Energy

Workout Programs That Maximize Your Energy

April 2nd Training And Programs

Workout Programs That Maximize Your Energy

A properly designed exercise program is your first step towards a new, healthier you. Not only will regular workouts increase your energy level throughout the day, but the more you work out, the more your body releases ‘happy chemicals’ such as Dopamine.

Regularly working out can help reduce high stress levels. It can also promote better sleep, rest, nutrition, and circulation.

If you want to know how to get more energy you also need to check that your training program will help you, and not hinder you in this area.

Let’s take a look at a few of the factors that will help you create an energizing exercise routine.


How to get more energy from your workout program

  • ● Include mind-body exercise in your training program. This provides a good balance to higher intensity cardio and resistance training. Examples of mind-body exercise include restorative or yin yoga, and tai chi.
  • ● Ensure you incorporate rest days into your training program. Planning in a rest week every 12 weeks can also help you to increase your energy levels. You don’t have to do ‘nothing’ during these weeks, but a break away from your usual program can help you return stronger than before.
  • ● Plan in appropriate recovery workouts to support your resistance training program. Avoid training the same muscle groups on consecutive days. If you’re doing full body resistance workouts, choose a cardio or mind-body session to complete the following day. An energizing exercise program will be balanced with different types of exercise.
  • ● If you’re lifting heavy weights, ensure you have plenty of rest between sets to reap the full benefits.

It might surprise you, but muscle growth occurs during the rest and repair phase of your program. It’s a fine balance to find the right mix of program variables. Most importantly, listen to your body and tweak based on the results you’re getting.

Find out how to get more energy through nutrition by checking out some of our energy boosting products. You’ll find everything from energy balls to amino energy and energy chews.