Lasered non-slip rubber fits perfectly to your hand palm

Hook & loop system for quick closure and secure heavy lifting

High density foam provides excellent fit and a soft cushioned feel

48% Silica Gel 32% Glassfibre 10% Nylon 10% Polyfoam

For MEN:

Wrist Circumference: Size:
15.9 – 17.5 cm S
17.5 – 18.0 cm M
18.0 – 18.6 cm L
above 18.6 cm XL

For Women:

Wrist Circumference: Size:
10.2 – 12.7 cm S
12.0 – 14.5 cm M
14.5 – 16.0 cm L
above 16.0 cm XL

Making an impact for every workout.

Whether performing pushing or pulling exercises, Climaqx Ultra Grips ensure maximum grip and stability. Combining revolutionary materials and a perfect fit, it will change to way you work out!

Climaqx Ultra Grips outperform conventional lifting straps. They are ideal for intense, heavy-weight workouts. It´s ready to push your limits.

Ideal fit. Secure grip.

The customized non-slip rubber provides maximum grip and allows you to wrap single-handed.

A high performance foam provides stability and a cushioned feel, making it your perfect workout partner.

Building serious muscle mass has never been so easy.


When performing heavy weight pulling exercises without lifting straps, you are likely to encounter issues due to a weak grip strength. Climaqx Ultra Grips distribute the weight evenly, allowing you to perform significantly more rep´s.

An increased number of rep´s, more weight and relief of your finger allow you to isolate specific muscle-groups, which has been tested and approved by professional athletes from around the globe.

  • Precision-lasered customized rubber fits perfectly to your hand palm.
  • Eliminates grip fatigue due to the non-slip, low wear rubber.
  • Performance enhancing: More reps, increased muscle isolation.
  • Velcro® hook & loop system for quick closure and secure heavy lifting.
  • High density foam provides excellent fit and a soft cushioned feel.
  • Ease of use and high force-absorption
  • Thickened rubber piece located at the top of the rubber, ensures maximum grip.
  • Multifunctionality: Engineered to perform both pushing and pulling exercises.

Pulling exercises

Multi-wrapping with ordinary lifting straps is cumbersome and very time demanding. You will be amazed by the easy application of Climaqx® Ultra Grips! As for pulling exercises, position the bar between the Ultra Grips palm and the palm of your hand. Next, tighten it firmly with your hand and lift. You will immediately notice how Climaqx® Ultra Grips will enhance your performance.

Pushing exercises

Performing pushing exercises is just as simple. Move the Ultra Grips rubber in between the bar and the palm of your hand. Again, tighten it firmly and push as you would normally do. The rubber and wrist support will be giving you additional stability and grip during heavy lifting.

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Additional Information

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Love my Ultra Grips!!
Peter Morris - 12/20/2018 Awesome product. Hands are totally relieved during heavy lifting. Quick wrapping around bars really help, especially during super-sets. Quality is outstanding, have been using mine for nearly 1 year now. Really recommend to anyone who is lifting frequent and heavy.
Mohammad - 11/2/2018 Excellent
Great Value and great quality!
Luis Nickolson - 9/5/2018 Absolutely in love with the Ultra Grips, cheaper in price but better in quality compared to Versa Gripps. Great for any kind of pulling exercise. I´m also using them for pushing exercises. Highly recommendable for anyone who got sick of conventional straps!
Much better than conventional straps
Jack Marns - 7/18/2018 Excellent product. Threw away my old conventional lifting straps. Very handy to relieve forearms and hands, especially when lifting heavy. 5 stars!
ثامر محمد - 7/8/2018 قطعه ميتنه وقويه وخفيفه افضل من القلافزات الثانية
وفيها كنترول مناسب لمفصل اليد
جدا بطل اهم شي مقاسك يدك يكون مناسب
جميل جداً
Omar - 6/12/2018 منتج انصح كل من يحمل اوزان عاليه بتمارين السحب بإقتنائه

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