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Gut Love Stack

Gut Love Stack

Gut Love Stack

Organicus - Ease Organic Tea - Non Caffeinated - 20 Pyramids Bags

Swanson - Bromelain 100mg - Digestive Health - Unflavored - 100 Tablets

About This Product

What's in The stack?

*Organicus - Ease Organic Tea - Non-Caffeinated

A delicious Ayurvedic herb and tea blend have been created using star anise, licorice root, blackberry leaves, peppermint, and chamomile to support a healthy digestion process, reduce stomach discomfort and bring balance to your body. 

Ayurveda Holistic Care

All Organicus Tea blends are inspired by the world’s oldest holistic healing system: Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda Holistic Care supports you through nurturing approaches to have a healthy and a greater sense of peace and wellness.

 For Supplement facts and direction of use please click Here.

*Swanson Bromelain 100 mg

  • Get the most out of the foods you eat
  • This excellent digestive aid helps break down foods more efficiently
  • Features an enzyme complex derived from pineapples

Get the most out of the foods you eat with Swanson Bromelain! You may eat a healthy diet, but if your body doesn't digest your food properly, a lot of nutrients can go to waste. Bromelain is an enzyme complex, derived from pineapple, that helps your system break down foods efficiently.

For Supplement facts and direction of use please click Here.

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