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Energy & Endurance Stack

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*EFX Karbolyn Fuel

  • Fast-Absorbing Carb With Complex Carb Sustainability
  • Glycogen Loading Fuel Source
  • Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Stimulant-Free
  • Invented By EFX Sports Scientist Dr. Jeff Golini
  • Informed Sport Certified, Banned-Substance Free

Dominating out on the field or getting so pumped in the gym your veins look like garden hoses is based on one major thing: how much glycogen you have jammed into your muscle and liver. Without enough, you kill your performance and look embarrassingly flat. The question is, how do you get ‘enough’?


Professional athletes know the critical, game-changing importance of eating enough carbs. But, all carbs aren’t created equal.

Simple carbohydrates have the ability to enter the bloodstream quickly. However, they can also stimulate a strong “spike” and subsequent “crash” due to a rapid rise and fall of insulin levels. This may be good for a quick burst of energy but not for sustained endurance.

Complex carbohydrates do provide sustained endurance. But, they are slow to digest, leaving you feeling bloated and lethargic.

That’s why strength and performance athletes have been searching for the perfect “fuel” to help them achieve sustained optimal performance in the gym and on the field. Thanks to Karbolyn, that search is finally over!


Karbolyn is absorbed into the bloodstream like a simple sugar but without the typical crash caused when your muscles run out of fuel. It has also been shown to be absorbed as quickly as pure Dextrose (a simple carbohydrate). Yet, it still provides sustained energy without “crashing”.

The Bottom Line: Karbolyn ensures you are optimizing your glycogen stores before, during, and after training. It takes ALL the guesswork out of carb loading.

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*The Pack - BCAAS Flow

The Pack BCAA Flow is a legendary product and that is what YOU are! Breathe a new life into your muscles and re-energize your body with the right amount of branched-chain amino acids. It is also rich in Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Potassium.

The Pack BCAA has the three Essential Amino Acids: Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine, with a 2:1:1 ratio, which is scientifically proven to be the most suitable for muscle synthesis, endurance, and recovery. This superb product provides the body with a pool of BCAA and helps it to maximize its performance and replenish your amino acid stores.

The Pack BCAA doesn’t only contain the three branched-chain amino acids, but also L-Glutamine which is one of the best amino acids that has many roles contributing to your health, muscle building, and immune system.

The Pack BCAA will flow smoothly through your body with four fresh and delicious flavors; blue raspberry, a slushy fruit punch, green sour apples, and sunset orange mango. Feel like you’re on a beach vacation with every sip of this heavenly BCAA blend.

  • Zero Calories, Zero Carbs, And Absolutely Zero Sugar
  • Helps you build lean muscle mass, refuel, repair, and recover
  • Enhanced with glutamine for optimal muscle building and recovery 
For supplement facts and directions of use Please Click Here.
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