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HydraCup 2.0 - 28 oz - Electric Lime

HydraCup 2.0 - 28 oz  - Electric Lime - L

HydraCup 2.0 - 28 oz - Electric Lime

About This Product


  • HIGH PERFORMANCE DUAL SHAKER CUP - Delivers perfectly blended drinks for every phase of your game
  • PRIME & RECOVER -This protein shaker bottle lets you call the shots when it comes to pre game energy and post game recovery
  • AMERICAN MADE PREMIUM QUALITY - 100% manufactured, designed, and assembled in the USA
  • REPLACE ALL SHAKER BOTTLES - Fill both sides with the same ingredients and completely replace all your blender bottles
  • OTHER FEATURES: BPA free, leak proof, storage container, pill container, protein shaker bottle for preparation and saving time

Separate from the pack with the bottle that's ready for action. The Patented HydraCup makes your supplementation and hydration extremely efficient, delivering perfectly blended drinks for every phase of your game without needing to be refilled or remixed.


Dual Shaker Bottles


At HYDRACUP®, we believe that staying prepared both in fitness and outside of the gym is a huge key to success. That’s why we created this innovative shaker bottle for our hundreds of thousands of followers in over 100 countries. With over 250,000 sold in only two years, we’ve added something original and fresh to an industry that was flooded with cookie cutter and knock off products. But more importantly we’ve helped our customers save time, stay prepared, and get sh#$ done in ways they we're unable to do before - helping them take control of their fitness goals.
Separate from average. Separate from boring. Separate from the Pack.

About This Brand

Hydra Cup is a patented dual shaker, that delivers shakers for athletes to give them effortless process while preparing for their workout sessions, recovering, or just supplementing their bodies with protein shakes and more. Nothing competes with Hydra Cup when it comes to easy preparations, saving time and convenience.

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Best for dual supplements

By: Abdullah on 24 July 2018

This shaker has two sides , I would suggest it to be used for bcaa and pre workout supplements, it has green and black lid, I am using g for glutamine and b for bcaa to avoid confusion, no leakage soo far, I would recommend it to ppl who are are serious ABT working out.

Tara Musser

Love this bottle!

By: Tara Musser on 14 January 2016

I just love this bottle. I saw an ad for it online and I needed to have it. It fits everything that I need to bring with me such as supplements and/or vitamins in the top, pre-workout or protein in the second, a snack such as my almonds in the 3rd and grape slices in the 4th. It's very versatile and I will be ordering another!

Sarah Davis

Love this item

By: Sarah Davis on 07 January 2016

Love this item


Would buy more!

By: Michael on 03 January 2016

Love these! They are perfect for small snacks on the go. Sometimes the lids are hard to get off, but otherwise great

Benjamin Berland Jr.

Snack Master

By: Benjamin Berland Jr. on 22 December 2015

Blender Bottle continues to make some really good products and this one is another innovative product that fits those with an active lifestyle.
I like the idea that you have containers of various sizes for protein powders/snacks/medications.
And it does fit inside the Blender Bottle well, but you will have to compress the whisk ball to do it. I have not seen any change in the whisk ball since I bought the container.


Great for gifts

By: Darrell on 10 December 2015

Great for gifts


Would recomend, very handy

By: EdH on 05 December 2015

Would recomend, very handy


Perfect for the gym fanatic.

By: alexzobi on 17 November 2015

Bought this for my gym rat roommate to go along with his meal bag. He loves it. I might end up getting one for myself if/when I get back to heavy fitness training.



By: Daniel on 10 November 2015

This thing is perfect. Have used it every day since I made the purchase. My only complaint is more of a suggestion for BlenderBottle; that is to make a slightly larger bottle that can fit even more GoStak!

This thing is perfect. Have used it every day since I made the purchase. My only complaint is more of a suggestion for BlenderBottle; that is to make a slightly larger bottle that can fit even more GoStak!


This is awesome product f

By: William on 08 November 2015

This is awesome product for my protein fit and even single scoop just what I hope for.

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