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HydraCup 2.0 - 28 oz - Volt

HydraCup 2.0 - 28 oz - Volt

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Preworkout + Postworkout in One Shaker Designed To Make Your Supplementation And Hydration Extremely Efficient!




  • HIGH PERFORMANCE DUAL SHAKER CUP - Delivers perfectly blended drinks for every phase of your game
  • PRIME & RECOVER -This protein shaker bottle lets you call the shots when it comes to pre game energy and post game recovery
  • AMERICAN MADE PREMIUM QUALITY - 100% manufactured, designed, and assembled in the USA
  • REPLACE ALL SHAKER BOTTLES - Fill both sides with the same ingredients and completely replace all your blender bottles
  • OTHER FEATURES: BPA free, leak proof, storage container, pill container, protein shaker bottle for preparation and saving time

Separate from the pack with the bottle that's ready for action. The Patented HydraCup makes your supplementation and hydration extremely efficient, delivering perfectly blended drinks for every phase of your game without needing to be refilled or remixed.


Dual Shaker Bottles


At HYDRACUP®, we believe that staying prepared both in fitness and outside of the gym is a huge key to success. That’s why we created this innovative shaker bottle for our hundreds of thousands of followers in over 100 countries. With over 250,000 sold in only two years, we’ve added something original and fresh to an industry that was flooded with cookie cutter and knock off products. But more importantly we’ve helped our customers save time, stay prepared, and get sh#$ done in ways they we're unable to do before - helping them take control of their fitness goals.
Separate from average. Separate from boring. Separate from the Pack.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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good quality
akrom - 6/21/2018 satisfied with the product
Great dual shaker cup
HusamN - 1/10/2017 I have been using it everyday for more than 5 months now, no leaks and everything is holding up.

The only thing that wore off is the company's marking logo (Hydra Cup) on the side, i guess because i wear gloves while drinking from it, but it's not a problem.
Rowan - 1/22/2016 Just as expected... Love the dual sides. Helps cut down on excessive use of cups
Great idea. Seals are flawless.
Mike W - 1/18/2016 Great idea. Seals are flawless.
Pure Genius
Marcus A. - 1/15/2016 This nifty shaker is so simpler yet so genius. I've had a smart shaker for a while, but after a dish washer accident it would sometimes leak after shaking. While searching for a new one, I decided to explore brands other than Smart Shaker and Blender Bottle. Discovered this. Used it two days so far and I love it. I usually mix my pre workout and post workout protein in the shaker, drink the pre, then fill it back up with water. After the end of the workout I mix my post protein and another supplement for carbs.
Better than expected
Mooocow - 1/6/2016 Lid is secure and doesn't leak. I have been using one side for ice and the other for my pre-workout. Liquid gets very cold rather quickly. I would recommend this cup!
these are the best shaker cups on the market
Zaid - 12/18/2015 these are the best shaker cups on the market....i have been using them for a few years and they really hold up to daily use and abuse!
Great experience
Emily - 12/13/2015 Great experience
Awesome cup
juan olivares - 12/10/2015 Awesome cup! Very useful! A must have for every gym rat or the occasional gym goer!
I love it if your looking for a before workout and …
Lia - 12/6/2015 I love it if your looking for a before workout and …

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