iwon organics Protein Crackers: A guilt-free alternative to satisfy your cravings

Our carefully formulated protein crackers boast a touch of sea salt and organic, plant-based proteins to sustain your energy levels as you work and play. Made from the best ingredients, with great crunch, these crispy, balanced crackers will quickly become your go-to protein snack. Keep an extra box in the pantry and never be hungry again!

high in protein. high in fiber. our protein crackers satisfy your salt cravings so well that you can’t have just one. great as a stand-alone snack, or paired with your favorite dips or toppings.

  • pure organic ingredients: our crispy protein crackers blend the highest quality non-gmo, plant-based, soy-free, gluten-free, vegan, kosher ingredients.
  • optimal nutritional profile: 12g protein. 5g fiber. 0g of sugar. only 195 calories. all without sacrificing the flavor or crunch you crave.
  • on-the-go snacking: a convenient and tasty high protein snack for anyone living an active lifestyle. sustain your energy levels all day long as you work and play.
  • something for everyone: from fitness enthusiasts looking for a muscle-building snack, to kids and families who know that nutritious should also mean delicious. these crackers are for you.
  • newly reformulated: a reinvented cracker for your healthy lifestyle. we’ve infused our wholesome ingredients with a new touch of coarse sea salt to satisfy your cravings.

Too good to be healthy

Our protein crackers satisfy your salt cravings so well that you can’t have just one. As they become a favorite in your house, your family won’t have a clue that the nutritional profile includes 12 grams of protein and only 195 calories.

Enjoy them as a great stand-alone snack on-the-go, or pair them with your favorite dips or toppings to compliment their protein-boosting crunch!

Perfect for:

  • Your midday snack
  • Afternoon break
  • Picnics and BBQ’s
  • Appetizers
  • A crispy shake and bake breading

Made with goodness. None of that funny stuff.

We deliver the right crackers for every person who values their health and loves a great snack! With wide-spread evidence that plant-based proteins can be a huge boost to your health and the planet, we are on a mission to show you how healthy can stay tasty.

Our protein rich snacks support you in:

  • Improving muscle tone
  • Keeping energy levels steady
  • Boosting your metabolism

Add them to your health and fitness routine today!