Mueller - Elastic Knee Support

Mueller - Elastic Knee Support

Mueller - Elastic Knee Support

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About This Product

The Mueller Elastic Knee Support is made from a lightweight elastic knit designed to provide firm support whilst maintaining a full range of movement for stiff, weak, or sore knees.

With a contoured design, the Mueller Elastic Knee Support will not bunch up and will provide a slip-free comfortable proper fit. With a custom top weave to prevent rolling.

The Mueller Elastic Knee Support is an easy-to-use slip-on sleeve and can be adjusted with ease to provide a comfortable fit. The elastic knee support is great for everyday use and where injury prevention is needed such as walking and club sports.

Features of the Mueller Elastic Knee Support:

  • Lightweight elastic knit design
  • Contour design to prevent slip and bunching
  • Easy slip-on sleeve
  • Full range of movement

About This Brand

Mueller is a Sports Medicine Company that wants to help athletes enhance their performance and improve recovery from injury Found by Curt Mueller. Mueller has blended his sports experience and his pharmacology degree and coined the terms sports medicine and sportscare.

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