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Optimum Weight Loss Stack


Optimum Weight Loss Stack

Optimum L-Carnitine - Not Flavored - 60 Tabs

Optimum CLA Softgels - 90 Softgels

About This Product

CLA (short for "Conjugated Linoleic Acid") is a group of fatty acids found naturally in eggs, dairy products and red meat. (CLA) is an extremely popular supplement in the sports nutrition and health industry. It’s a naturally occurring Omega-6 fatty acid, which plays a fundamental role in everyday health, but unfortunately CLA cannot be produced by the body and so must be consumed through your diet, making this product perfect for you.
L-Carnitine is an important amino acid that can help transport fat to the muscle to be burned as energy. In promoting better utilization of body fat, it may aid in weight loss and improve athletic performance.
L-carnitine is synthesized from the essential amino acids lysine and methionine. Because approximately 98% of the body's L-carnitine supply is found in muscle mass, and the nutrient needs of active adults outweigh those of inactive people, ON offers this L-carnitine supplement providing 500 mg of pure L-carnitine per 1-tablet serving.
  • Helps transport fat to the muscle to be burned as energy
  • Ideal for those looking to lose fat and maintain lean muscle
  • Plays a crucial role in cardiovascular metabolism and weight management

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