Naughty Boy - Crea-Ting - Naughty Rawz

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Naughty Boy - Crea-Ting - Naughty Rawz

Naughty Boy - Crea-Ting - Naughty Rawz

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About This Product

Crea-Ting is Naughty Boys' first product in their Rawz series. It is a creatine monohydrate based supplement with added extras to help enhance performance and absorption.

What else makes this a great creatine product?

Naughty Boy has gone with the proven creatine monohydrate for its Rawz Series Crea-Ting, dosed at the common amount of 5g per serving.

It has also added in the premium, patented ingredients ActiGin and AstraGin to support performance and inflammation, while the latter is there to enhance absorption.

Directions Of Use

The creatine-based product is going to have 60 servings per tub, so it’ll last two months when taken once per day, with the powder being unflavored.

Supplement Facts

Nutrition facts might vary based on the flavour
Whey Protein

Serving per container 60
Serving size 5.1 g



Amount per Serving

Creatine Monohydrate

5 g


50 mg


50 mg

About This Brand

Naughty Boys is a supplement company that develops the best sports supplement for everyone, using the best ingredients and a combination of interesting flavors that will satisfy all tastes.

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