PowerDot 2.0 Electrode Pad

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PowerDot 2.0 Electrode Pad

PowerDot 2.0 Electrode Pad

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About This Product

Get the most out of your muscle stimulation by ensuring your electrode pads are in prime condition. This refill pack includes 2 rectangular electrode pads and 4 round electrode pads.

  • Each pack includes 2 rectangular electrode pads, 4 round electrode pads
  • Compatible with PowerDot 2.0 only

Rectangular Pad Dimensions
3.5 in x 2 in
(9 cm x 5 cm)

Round Pad Dimensions
2.1 in diameter
(5.5 cm diameter)

0.05 lbs
(0.02 kg)

Hydrogel adhesive

PowerDot 2.0 only

Directions Of Use

When to replace pads?

On average, PowerDot pad adhesive lasts for about 20-25 applications, but the actual life span may vary.

Make sure your electrode pads are always sticky and clean. Replace your pads when they no longer stick to your skin, if the sticky side has debris, or when you start experiencing a slight tingling sensation during the stimulation.

How to Care for your Pads?

For optimum performance of your PowerDot, we suggest using an alcohol or saline wipe to clean the skin prior to use. Apply the pads on clean, dry skin, being sure to wipe off any sweat or natural skin oils.

To help extend the life of your pads, we recommend you regularly clean the sticky side with antiseptic alcohol tissues to remove hair and oil. Attach the pads to the safety film when not in use.

Always store in a cool place.

About This Brand

PowerDot offers access to cutting-edge health and wellness technology from the comfort of your home. ​The PowerDot Smart Muscle Stimulator™ taps into industry-backed science trusted by athletes and physicians to keep you moving towards your best. Whether you are looking to increase your athletic performance, relieve pain without the use of medications, or rehab from injuries.

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