What is a LOT number?

A lot number is an identification number assigned to the products indicating the batch in which the product was manufactured.


    Why the LOT number is important?

    The ability to track lot numbers is important for warehouses to trace the items for variety of purposes including quality control, service management, and warranty management.

    In Sporter; if there is a problem with a certain product, we will be able to run a report to identify every customer we sold a specific lot to. 

    Moreover; you can make sure of the originality of any product by providing the manufacturer with that lot number (along with the product name and expiry date) to verify that this product was originally manufactured by that official brand and sold to Sporter.


    How can you find the LOT number on our items?

    It’s easy to find the LOT number on our items, it’s mentioned beside or above the expiry date that’s printed on each item and you can find it on the top, bottom or the sides of the bottle.


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