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ServiVita Soy Sauce

ServiVita Soy Sauce

ServiVita Soy Sauce

About This Product

Soy sauce from ServiVita is low in calories, without fat, gluten and sugar, besides it has less than 1.2% of sodium, and conserving all the flavor to contribute it to your meals, thus taking care of you and your health. 

Soy sauce ServiVita: Spice up your meals with 0% calories!

Soy sauce from ServiVita is low in calories, without fat, gluten and sugar, besides it has less than 1.2% of sodium, and conserving all the flavor to contribute it to your meals, thus taking care of you and your health. This Soy Sauce is ideal for people who want to lead a healthy life without leaving aside a delicious taste in their food, having low sodium content helps strengthen the health of the heart for healthy people and those suffering from hypertension and diabetes, but provides the necessary levels to maintain nerve and muscle activity in the body.

Soy sauce from ServiVita is the perfect seasoning touch for your meals, it can be used in meats, rice, pasta, fish, salads and all those culinary ideas that come to mind, as this delicious sauce enhances the flavor of your preparations and turns them into rich dishes to surprise friends and family. It should be mentioned that when using ServiVita soy sauce you are taking care of your well-being and health. 

When you think about a healthy life, it is because you want to feel internally well and reflect it on the outside, but rather than eating healthy without sacrificing the good taste of your meals, that is why ServiVita thinks about your needs to fill your dishes with flavor and nutrition. Thinking about what you like, you can create a multitude of simple and healthy recipes and fill them with the Soy Sauce from ServiVita.

Know the properties offered by Soy Sauce from ServiVita:

  • Low in fat, calories and no added sugars making it ideal for a healthy diet to lose weight.
  • It does not contain gluten which helps to the desinflamación of the body and makes this sauce suitable for celiac people.
  • Low in sodium which makes it ideal for daily consumption.
  • It has antioxidant properties.
  • Rich in calcium, iron and B-complex vitamins.
  • It improves the levels of phosphorus in the organism.
  • Delicious taste and aroma.

Can you imagine creating delicious dishes, full of flavor and with fewer calories? It's possible, with ServiVita! Take care of yourself and the people you love most.Undoubtedly this is a sauce that is worth having in your kitchen, as it provides incredible benefits to the body and an unequaled flavor to the palate, that is, you can have a tasty meal at your table that provides benefits to your body and is also very versatile in its use to make the preparations that you want and without excesses.

Recommended use: to dress salad, pasta, rice. As a condiment for meat, poultry and fish.

Directions of Use:

Directions of Use:

As a nutritional supplement, add 1 serving (10 ml) to our favorite foods for a delicious taste. Shake before using.

Supplement Facts

Mean analysis Per 100ml
Energy value 9Kcal / 38KJ
< 0,5g
Protein 1,2g
Salt 2,9g
Ingredients: water, hydrolyzed soy protein (contains wheat), salt, dried soy sauce (fermented soy, maltodextrin and salt) (contains wheat), colour (caramel), acidifiers (citric acid), stabilizers (xanthan gum), preservatives (potassium sorbate) and antioxidant (E385).

About This Brand

ServiVita manufactures sauces with great prestige, and focuses on calories-free, low fat, low in carbohydrates and gluten free products. You can’t pass ServiVita Products when you want to lose weight and achieve high, sustained goals.

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By: on 03 January 2018

it taste good with chicken

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