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SKLZ - Hopz Vertical Jump Trainer

SKLZ - Hopz Vertical Jump Trainer

SKLZ - Hopz Vertical Jump Trainer

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SKLZ - Hopz Vertical Jump Trainer - 4 Bands 1

About This Product

With a new, adjustable belt and patented Slide-Lock technology, HOPZ increases explosive leg power and strengthens muscles for higher vertical jump.

Add air to your game with the most comfortable, easy-to-use vertical trainer available. Built to increase explosive leg power and strengthen key lower body muscles to maximize jumping ability, HOPZ is perfect for basketball, football, volleyball or any player who wants to add to their vertical.

  • Strap on to build explosive leg power and strengthen jumping muscles
  • Move resistance cables on belt to target specific muscles
  • Change resistance cable quickly with patented Slide-Lock on belt and ankle straps
  • Adjustable belt with side padding fits better and helps with proper cable placement
  • Durable cables and ankle straps with built-in shoe harness keeps straps in place


With its new, patented Slide-Lock technology, HOPZ lets you quickly change its resistance cables from greater to lesser resistance with a simple click. You can also release the cables the same way for bodyweight training. However you use it, HOPZ is made to take your game higher.


With its superior design, HOPZ allows you to move its resistance cables around and work a wide variety of muscle groups. Move them to the back to focus on glutes, and then position them outside the hips for a quad-burning session. When it comes to adding explosive leg power, HOPZ goes higher.


The HOPZ cables are easily exchanged to increase and decrease resistance. This unique design allows you to train for pure vertical, explosive horizontal jumps or a combination of both. Whatever your sport, HOPZ helps you add the leg power needed to play above your competition.

About This Brand

SKLZ develops and markets athletic performance and skill development training products for serious athletes of various age groups. The brand offers a line of training products in baseball, softball, football, lacrosse, hockey, golf, soccer, tennis, and many more of athletic performance categories.

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