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SKLZ - Universal Massage Roller Deep Tissue Therapy Roller

SKLZ - Universal Massage Roller Deep Tissue Therapy Roller

SKLZ - Universal Massage Roller Deep Tissue Therapy Roller

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SKLZ - Universal Massage Roller Deep Tissue Therapy Roller 4

About This Product

Ergonomic shape helps relieve tensions, aches and reduces recovery time in hard to reach areas, while its distinct texture stimulates circulation and increases mobility.

Warm-up and recovery is key to maintaining a healthy body. And better body care starts with the Universal Massage Roller. The unique texture is designed to stimulate circulation and increase mobility while its ergonomic shape allows you to target muscles and joints throughout the body, even the hard to reach muscles surrounding the spine.

  • Ergonomic design relieves joint and muscle tension from head-to-toe to help reduce chances of injury and recovery times
  • Unique shape and size allows you to target hard to reach muscles such as the neck and the back
  • Distinct texture stimulates circulation and increases mobility aiding recovery
  • Portable & easy to use
  • Water resistant and easy to clean


The Universal Massage Roller’s ergonomic design helps you reach the deep muscles and tissue other rollers cannot. It’s perfect for massaging your back, neck, hamstrings, quads, calves and more — there really isn’t a muscle group it can’t reach.


With an ergonomic design, textured surface, and ideal firmness, the Universal Massage Roller targets the muscles key to back, spine and total body health. This unique roller helps increase blood flow and flexibility while breaking up knots and tightness to help reduce your chance of injuries and speed up your recovery.


Features a distinct texture that aids in stimulating circulation and relieving muscle tension. This added circulation helps increase muscle performance during your workout and decrease soreness and recovery time after. The unique grip also allows you to use on virtually any surface without being uncomfortable or difficult to use.

About This Brand

SKLZ develops and markets athletic performance and skill development training products for serious athletes of various age groups. The brand offers a line of training products in baseball, softball, football, lacrosse, hockey, golf, soccer, tennis, and many more of athletic performance categories.

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