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Cross Fit

Cross Fit

The best supplements for CrossFit

Any CrossFitter can tell you that to get through your routine; you’d need to be able to perform at a high-intensity with speed, power, endurance, and strength all at the same time. And while training and preparation are always key for any sport, what you put into your body is as, if not more, important than anything else.

What you eat, what you drink, and any nutritional supplements you take, need to help you build up your ability to get through such an intense workout.


The best CrossFit supplements:


Taking this supplement is a must if you are looking to improve your lifts or your times.

A creatine supplement will allow you to store more creatine within your muscles that will quickly convert to energy (ATP). This is especially important for short bursts during a workout or a fast, explosive Olympic Lift.



The heavy weights and high amount of reps during a CrossFit workout could cause significant damage to your muscles.

So, to make sure your muscles are repairing and recovering, you are going to need protein in your diet. Sporter always recommends that your main protein source is your daily diet. But to help you with your protein intake even more, we’ve got a killer range of protein shakes, protein snacks, and protein breakfast options.



The average Joe could easily get enough Zinc and Magnesium from eating a whole-food, balanced diet; but you, my CrossFitting friend, are no average Joe.

CrossFit is a physically demanding sport that will deplete both Zinc and Magnesium from the body—these essential minerals help regulate muscle contraction and nerve activity.

So, to keep that machine of yours well-oiled, Sporter recommends using a ZMA supplement.


PRO TIP: The best time to take this is first thing in the morning with lemon water. This will help with faster digestion and absorption!

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The best CrossFit workout for strength development

CrossFit has been on the rise for several years now because of its community-based focus and unique workout style. CrossFit workouts do not follow traditional strength principles but instead focus more on developing strength through a series of powerlifting style exercises. When performed correctly, these workouts can be very effective in developing strength in any athlete.

Try the following CrossFit inspired workout to boost your strength and performance



Do 20 Minutes of Continuous Repetitions for Quality

12 single-arm high pulls (each side)

12 single-arm strict press (each side)

12 pistol or lateral step ups (6 each side)

30-second hollow body hold

30-second supinated bar hang

200-meter jog


Pull-up (pronated grip) -- EMOM* (10min total)

2-5 pull-ups

Deadlift (pronated grip) -- EMOM (7min total)

5 Touch-N-Go Clean & Jerks (135/95)

*Short for Every Minute on the Minute. If you complete the reps before the minute is up, you get to rest for the remainder of the minute.


10 Minutes of Continuous Repetitions for Quality

6 single-arm high pulls (each side)

6 single-arm strict press (each side)

6 pistol or lateral step ups (6 each side)

30-second hollow body hold

30-second supinated bar hang

1-kilometer jog



Crossfit works on a basic switch program, meaning your next workout should not be the
same as your last workout—you should focus on different muscle groups each session. You could complete the same warm-up and cool-down but change the workout exercises to squats and dips if you did pull-ups and deadlifts last session.

Rest is critical to your success. CrossFit workouts like this put excessive stress on joints and muscles, try resting 24-36 hours before attempting another

Get to the gym and try this CrossFit inspired workout to boost strength and power in the back, hamstrings, and shoulders.

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