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Organicus - Youth Organic Tea - Non Caffeinated - 20 Pyramids Bags

Swanson - EFAs Omega-7 Oil 450 mg - 30 Liq. Capsules

About This Product

What's in the stack?

*Organicus - Youth Organic Tea - Non-Caffeinated

Organicus Youth Tea contains several ingredients that are known for their traditional youth promotion: blackberry leaves, rosehip peels, sea buckthorn, beetroot, parsley, rose petals, rosemary, and other herbs, which all work together to metabolize fat more efficiently, beat skin aging and enhance memory functions. 

Ayurveda Holistic Care

All Organicus Tea blends are inspired by the world’s oldest holistic healing system: Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda Holistic Care supports you through nurturing approaches to have a healthy and a greater sense of peace and wellness.

For Supplement facts please click Here.

*Swanson Omega-7 Oil From Sea Buckthorn Oil 450 mg

  • Non-GMO sea buckthorn oil

  • Add omega-7 oil to your health and beauty regimen today!

Swanson EFAs Omega-7 Oil delivers pure, non-GMO sea buckthorn oil providing concentrated palmitoleic acid along with omega-3, -6, and -9 EFAs. Evidence suggests that omega-7 is equally if not more important for healthy exterior aging (e.g., skin and hair) than other more commonly recognized EFAs. Likewise, studies show that sensitive tissues inside the body need palmitoleic acid to maintain healthy structure and function as the years go by.* Sea buckthorn oil is one of the best botanical sources of palmitoleic acid known. That is why it is showing up in more and more cosmetics, lotions, cleansers, and dietary supplements.

For Supplement facts and direction of use please click Here.

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