X-Gamer - X-Tubz Focus & Energy Formula

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X-Gamer - X-Tubz Focus & Energy Formula

X-Gamer - X-Tubz Focus & Energy Formula

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About This Product

Power to victory with four 600g focus & energy pro tub in the delicious Zomberry flavor by X-Gamer. Our best ever formula combined with incredible new taste is an advanced, innovative, and powerful energizing drink, formulated exclusively for esports, semi-professional, and enthusiast gamers. X-Gamer also contains a 27 multi-vitamin complex to help shield your body, nootropic amino's to sharpen the mind and no sugar contains only 31 k-cals per 500ml serving.

  • Zero sugar, only 31 calories, tastes incredible, smooth drink with no chalky residue!
  • 61 multi vitamin complex including B1, B2, B3, B7, B12, Vit C, Vit E, calcium & potassium.
  • Scientifically formulated exclusively for the pro esports, gaming, streaming and digital community.
  • X-Gamer delivers a smooth, long, increased burn of energy and focus with NO after crash.
  • Much healthier and more affordable energy per 500ML drink than other major canned brands.

Directions Of Use

Mix 2 scoops (approx. 10 g powder) with 350-500 ml water. Shake well until the powder has completely dissolved.

Supplement Facts

Nutrition facts might vary based on the flavour
Whey Protein


Per 2 scoops


129 kj/31 kcal


0.02 g

Of which saturated



3 g

Of which sugars

0.2 g


0.7 g


0 g


1000 mg


200 mg


31.2 mg

Vitamin E

3.2 mg


0.6 mg


0.6 mg

Vitamin B6

0.6 mcg

Vitamin B12

6.8 mcg


8 mcg

Pantothenic acid

2.4 mg


4.4 mcg


22 mcg


12 mcg


Caffeine, Taurine, Niacin, Dextrose Monohydrate, Maltodextrin, Malic Acid, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Flavourings, Colourings, L-Carnatine, L-Tyrosine, 27 Essential Vitamins


About This Brand

X-Gamer is an advanced, effective, and innovative energy and focus formula, perfected exclusively for the global eSports, gaming, and digital communities. A high-grade concentrated powder, consumed as a hydration product by mixing with water to enhance a user's endurance, reactions, and focus.

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