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Laperva Super Firmmer Slimming Suit

Laperva Super Firmmer Slimming Suit

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DESCRIPTION Super Firmer Slimming Suit is used for enhancing the results of the workout. The suit was strategically created for intensifying the level of sweat and delivers the exceptional weight loss results. FEATURES: Increases metabolismHelp burn calories Detoxifies immune systemHelps increase flexibility Includes comfortable fit that allows more areas of skin for breathingTriple reinforced Available from S size to 6XL size

Size Chart:

Hips Waist
S 34 - 36  S 26- 28
M 36- 38 M M 28- 30
L 38- 40 L L 30- 32
XL 40- 42 XL 32- 34
2XL 42- 44 2XL 34-36
3XL 44- 46 3XL 36-38
4XL 46- 48 4XL 38-40
5XL 50- 52 5XL 40-44
6XL 54- 56 6XL 44-48

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Directions of Use

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash with mild detergent using cold waterNever use dryer as it will damage the resilience of elasticDo not bleachDry in the shadePeople with circulatory problems, prolonged illness and dermatitis should not use this slimming suitAvoid in case of skin irritation

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