Kicking it up a notch: The best nutrition for soccer players

Soccer is a highly competitive sport that requires nutrients and supplements to boost strength, endurance, and speed. Depending on the position you play, you may need to run more, jump more or need more strength to get through the match. All soccer players can benefit from some core performance boosting supplements.

Here is a couple of core performance boosting supplements for soccer players:

Carbohydrate Matrix

Any athlete can benefit from taking a carbohydrate matrix, especially soccer players. The constant demand to run and sprint require high glycogen stores - which can only be created through carbohydrate ingestion. A carbohydrate matrix will fuel you for your practice and game so that you can keep your eyes on the prize.

Low-Calorie Whey Protein Isolate

A clean, low-calorie protein will help you recover from the toughest training sessions. For best results try supplementing a Whey Isolate directly after a workout and before bed.


This powerful amino acid is found in many of the foods we consume on a regular basis. Using a supplement like Beta-Alanine helps to buffer lactic acid - so you don't get tired as fast.

Vitamin Matrix

A complete multivitamin will help any athlete push athletic boundaries. As a soccer player, the amount of running you do will put constant stress on your joints. Taking a multivitamin will help to ensure you are absorbing all the nutrients from your diet and supplements, helping you recover faster and work harder.


This powerful combination has long been used to help alleviate joint related pain. With the high volume of running, jumping and sliding it takes to play soccer, soccer players suffer from constant joint pain. Using a Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplement will help as a preventative measure for joint pain.


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Reaching your Football Goals: Workout Program for the Week

Regardless of the position you play, football is a physically demanding sport. It requires you to
have speed, endurance, strength, and power and sometimes training your body to have all
these qualities can be confusing.
After our weekly team-bonding football session, the good old Sporter team put together a
workout routine outline for the whole week that will help you kick-start your football game. We’re
letting you be the judge of just how many reps you think your body can handle.

Sunday Morning
Warm up/mobilize:
Light aerobic work
Moderate distances with low intensity

Skill and drills:
Ball work

Sunday Afternoon
Medicine ball throws
Single leg jumping
Double leg jumping

Monday Morning
Skills and drills:
Ball work
Positional work

Monday Afternoon
Dynamic warm-up:

Strength Work:
Squat, deadlift, and bench - 3 sets of 3 reps @ 90% of 1 rep max

Day off

Wednesday Morning
Warm up:

Skills and drills:
Intense 5-a- side game
5, 10 and 15-meter sprints

Wednesday Afternoon
Dynamic stretching:

Strength work:
Power cleans, clean pulls and front squats - 3 sets of 3 reps @ 85% of 1 rep max
Sled work
20-meter sled pulls with 20kg on the sled

Thursday Morning
Warm up:

Power Work:

Double leg jumping

Hang cleans - 5 sets of 3 reps @ 80% of 1 rep max
Thursday Afternoon



This is a typical week of a football player and something that you could incorporate into your
week if you play on a Friday.
Of course, if you find yourself playing mid-week or a Saturday, the structure of the training may
need to change.

PRO TIP: Try to avoid sprinting the day before you are playing. It takes the body 48 hours to
recover from intense sprinting.

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