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  1. Women's Best - Shape Body Shake
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  2. PhD Nutrition - Diet Whey Protein
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  3. GymQueen - Shape Queen
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  4. MuscleTech Nitro-Tech  Ripped
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  5. Muscle Med Carnivor Shred
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  6. Protein World - The Slender Blend
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  7. X50 - Raw Vegan Organic Protein - Vanilla

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  8. X50 - Raw Vegan Organic Protein - Chocolate

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  9. Yalla Protein - Ultimate Lean Protein

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  10. GymQueen - Slim Queen Shake Powder

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Results: (10) Items

Diet Protein

What is a diet protein?
A diet protein is a protein powder with fat-burning ingredients such as CLA, carnitine, caffeine, green tea, or any other fat-burning ingredients, which makes it suitable for whoever is trying to increase their muscle mass and reduce their body fat at the same time.

Who is diet proteins for?
Anyone trying to burn stubborn body fat, bodybuilders during their cutting phase, athletes with high body fat percentage, and whoever is trying to get a muscular shredded look.

How can protein shake help me lose body fat?
Getting enough protein can boost your metabolism, help you lose body fat without losing muscle and reduce your appetite.

Is there any way I can make my diet protein shake even better for weight loss?
Yes, you can simply add ingredients that are low in calories and make you feel fuller for longer, such as berries, cocoa, cinnamon, nuts, avocados, pineapple, or whatever tastes good with the flavor of your protein shake.

When is the best time to take my diet protein shake?
Anytime. This could be post-workout, first thing in the morning, or before bed.

Is MuscleTech Nitro-Tech Ripped protein the best diet protein for shredding?
Unlike other protein formulas, every scoop of NITRO-TECH RIPPED delivers:

-30g of protein, including ultra-clean whey peptides and whey protein isolate for a clean macronutrient profile.
-500mg of the popular ingredient L-Carnitine L-Tartrate and 250mg of tasteless CLA powder.
-Each scoop of NITRO-TECH RIPPED contains 100mg of green tea extract and 20mg of premium kelp.

Are there any other products that might help me maintain my muscle mass and lose my body fat at the same time?
Yes, many brands started to work on adding weight loss ingredients to their supplements and the customers really like it, below you can find some of these products:

-Xtend Ripped BCAAs
Cellucor iD Series - C4 Ripped Pre-Workout
-BPI Sports Best BCAA Shredded