Nutrition Guidelines for Runners

Have you ever gone for a run, only to have your sides cramp really hard? Well, there’s a way to combat that through proper nutrition that’ll help you recover faster so you can get back on your feet and enjoy that ‘runner’s high’ more often!

Running nutrition tips

1. Hydration
Hydration is key in the world of running. It’s something you need to pay extra attention to if you’re running long distances and/or if you run in high temperatures and sweat a lot. Water is fine for hydration on shorter runs. Take small sips regularly throughout your run to keep your body hydrated and drink another 500ml after you’ve finished your run.
For longer runs, and running sessions in hot climates, it’s likely that you’ll sweat a lot. While you sweat, you’ll also lose electrolytes, and if you don’t replace these, you’ll probably end up getting awful cramps. Choose a killer electrolyte drink from Sporter.com to sip throughout your run and afterward to help recovery

2. Good Carbs
Carbs are the body’s preferred source of fuel for endurance activities such as running. Not all carbs are created equal, so your focus should be on nutrient-dense ‘real’ foods that will help sustain you through your run. Eat a meal or snack that is high in slow-release carbohydrates about an hour before your run. Examples include rice with vegetables or muesli with fruit and yogurt.
While you are running, you may need to take on extra carbohydrates to keep you going, especially if you are getting into long distances. Try something that will be easily digested and that you can easily take small bites of.

3. Protein
Your running nutrition plan wouldn’t be complete without considering what you need to recover properly. Protein foods help your muscles to repair faster so that you will feel strong enough to
run again soon. Make sure the first meal you have after your run includes high-quality protein such as meat, seafood, legumes, pulses, tofu, nuts, seeds, or eggs.
A protein supplement such as a shake, protein bar or even a delicious cookie can help make sure your running nutrition plan is set up to help you recover as quickly as possible.

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Endurance Training for Long Distance Runners

Are you training for a full or half marathon, or do you just want to be able to run your first 5kms?

It can be tough to do your endurance training simply by pushing yourself to run a bit further each
time. Luckily there are techniques you can include in your running workout plan that will keep
things interesting and help you improve your endurance in no time

Endurance training workout ideas for runners

1. Run or walk the hills
Running hills can be quite a big jump from running on the flat. If it feels a bit intense, just try it
for a short while and then walk the rest of the hill. You’ll still be working your lower body muscles
in a similar way and challenging your heart and lungs to work harder. You can also try this with
hill intervals on the treadmill (start with one minute uphill followed by two minutes on the flat).

2. Sprint it out
Adding sprint intervals can help take your endurance training to the next level. Again, you can
do these on the road or the treadmill. Start by running as fast as you can for ten seconds, and
then jogging or walking for the remainder of the minute. Repeat 10x.

3. Variety is the spice of life
Your running workouts should be varied throughout the week for best results in endurance
training. Long distance runners might have a weekly run plan that looks something like this:

Sunday: Hill training run
Monday: Rest day or easy yoga workout
Tuesday: Sprint training run
Wednesday: Gym workout including lower body endurance training exercises
Thursday: Rest day or core training workout
Friday: Long slow run (gradually build up distance over time)
Saturday: Rest day or ‘fun workout’ day such as an easy bike ride or a social sports game

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