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Nutrex lipo 6 - L
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LIPO-6 is a powerful and extremely popular fat-burner that utilizes maximum strength liquid capsules for superior absorption and rapid results. This highly advanced method of delivering fast-acting fat-burning compounds makes LIPO-6 a great choice when it comes to weight-loss products.*

When LIPO-6 was released in 2005 it was the world’s first liquid capsule fat burner. Over the years LIPO-6has established itself as a reliable tool to help lose weight fast.* It works great, no matter if you are a man or woman, fitness enthusiast or bodybuilder. LIPO-6 consists of pharmaceutical-strength ingredients that promote a pronounced fat-loss effect.* Furthermore LIPO-6 utilizes all natural vegetable capsules which are completely devoid of any animal products.*

It is no wonder that LIPO-6 was voted ‘Fat-Loss Product of the Year’ in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. To this day LIPO-6 is the benchmark for other liquid capsule fat burners.

Synephrine HCL (20mg)

Synephrine activates beta-3 adrenoreceptors and displays a lipolytic and thermogenetic capacity as it boosts norepinephrine levels. By consuming synephrine prior to workouts, you promote fat breakdown with its subsequent utilization for energy.* Furthermore, synephrine has a muscle-sparing effect while expending energy at the expense of body fat. Synephrine also supports appetite control, making it the ideal compound for calorie-restricted diets.**

Synthetic 99% Guggulsterones Z&E 1:1 (20mg)

E- and Z-Guggulsterones are the bioactive compounds of Guggul (Commiphora Mukul). Guggulsterones have the capacity to rev your metabolism by supporting the overall thyroid hormone activity with significant influence on triiodothyronine (T3) hormone (thyroid regulator).*

Yohimbine HCL (3mg)

Yohimbine is just right for the thermogenic concoction in LIPO-6 to help support lipolysis, the burning of stored fat.* Yohimbine works by blocking the alpha-2 receptors. Blocking the action of the alpha-2 receptors is important for fat loss because it increases blood flow in adipose tissue, which in turn may help reduce the rate at which fat is retained in the area.**

The stubborn fatty areas for men and women are where you will find an abundance of alpha-2 receptors. For men, alpha-2 receptors are found predominantly around the abdominal and love handle areas, and for women, around the glutes, thighs and the back of their arms.

Caffeine Anhydrous USP (200mg)

Caffeine, with its capacity to optimize skeletal muscle contraction has demonstrated its ability to enhance strength gains and increase work volume. While allowing you to work harder caffeine also boosts your metabolism, assisting in body fat loss.* Caffeine also improves mental alertness and mood function, optimizing your level of focus through your workouts or fatigue-battling tasks. By providing caffeine in its anhydrous form, you’re getting a pure and synthetic form for maximal potency.*


Bioperine is a patented form of Piper Nigrum L (black pepper) that helps to induce thermogenesis. Bioperine has the ability to enhance drug and nutrient absorption in the body which can improve the effectiveness of LIPO-6.*

Customer Reviews

   lost appetite but it works
Review by  bert  8/26/2015
This product is good. It really works, but for me, I lost appetite especially in the morning right after taking it 30 mins before breakfast.
   Really good!!!
Review by  adnan  4/23/2014
Really good!!!
   It works
Review by  raed  4/23/2014
I started burning fat two weeks after taking these pills.It really works and I am so happy....I'll do it again
   i luv it
Review by  laith  4/23/2014
The results were a month and left me very satisfied, The results were a month and left me very satisfied, the second bottle I take it with the minimum dose of a pill to get up to go slower in the second stage
   It's strong
Review by  jamel  4/23/2014
Be careful about taking more than one a day, it may make you few a little bad. However, it's a great product.
Review by  mutasem  4/23/2014
Lipo 6 always worked to me
   Really good
Review by  peter  4/23/2014
This is a really good product.
Review by  tamel  4/23/2014
Nutrex Lipo 6, is Awesome, best diet pill iv found!!!!!! It really works!! I would highly recommend it to my friends.
   Don't plan on sleeping but it works great
Review by  omar  4/23/2014
This is a serious fat burner. My wife likes it, but if you have any problem with caffeine, this will give you major jitters and keep you awake all night. However, it does what it says and it melts fat away.
   One of the best
Review by  ibrahem  4/23/2014
This is an excellent product, and one of the most efective fat destroyer I ever seen, I been use this for more that one month i the result are great...

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Additional Information

Target Weight Loss
Main Ingredient Guggulsterones
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Liqui-Caps
Amount per serving % Daily Value
Caffeine Anhydrous USP 200 mg *
Synephrine HCL 20 mg *
Synthetic 99% Guggulsterones Z&E 1:1 20 mg *
Bioperine®** 5 mg *
Yohimbine HCL 3 mg *
* Daily Value not established.
Other Ingredients:
Glycerin, Vegetable Cellulose††, Purified Water, Polysorbate 80.
**Bioperine® is a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corp.
Directions of Use

For Fat loss: Take 2 liqui-caps 30 minutes before breakfast or morning workout and 2 more liqui-caps in the afternoon. Start off with only 2 liqui-caps on your first two days (1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon) and increase dosage by 1 liqui-cap every two days until maximum dosage of 4 liqui-caps is reached.

For Extreme Fat Loss: Take 2 liqui-caps 3 times daily 30 minutes before a meal. Start off with only 2 liqui-caps on your first two days (1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon) and increase dosage by 1 liqui-cap every two days until maximum dosage of 6 liqui-caps per day is reached. Do not exceed 6 liqui-caps per day. Do not take within 6 hours of sleep.

For Increased Energy: Take 2 liqui-caps 30 minutes prior to workout.

Warnings: Not for use by persons under age 18. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Do not exceed recommended dose. Do not consume synephrine or caffeine from other sources, including but not limited to, coffee, tea, soda and other dietary supplements or medications containing phenylephrine or caffeine. Contains caffeine. Do not use for more than 8 weeks. Consult your physician prior to use if you are taking medication, including but not limited to, MAOI inhibitors, antidepressants, aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or products containing phenylephrine, ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, or other stimulants. Consult your physician prior ot use if you have a medical condition, including but not limited to, heart, liver, kidney, or thyroid disease, psychiatric disorders, difficulty urinating, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, recurrent headaches, enlarged prostate or glaucoma. Discontinue 2 weeks prior to surgery or if you experience rapid heart beat, dizziness, severe headaches or shortness of breath. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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