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nutrex research - lipo6 defining gel
Nutrex Research - Lipo6 Defining Gel
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Nutrex Research - Lipo6 Defining Gel

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About This Product

Apply To Trouble Spots

LIPO-6 DEFINING GEL is the perfect solution to directly target stubborn fat areas of your choosing. Through our exclusive TopiSorb™ Technology, it delivers an advanced ingredient combination to your trouble spots.

LIPO-6 DEFINING GEL is easy to use: Simply apply to any flat area and its powerful formula will quickly go to work. Within minutes you’ll feel the heat, supporting increased thermogenesis and sweating.

Our gel is non-greasy, doesn’t stick to your hands or stain clothes. You can take it anywhere, anytime.

Tone, Trim, Sculpt… Even Faster!

Whatever your goal is — getting summer ready, an upcoming photoshoot, or a special event — LIPO-6 DEFINING GEL is your partner. Its advanced topical formula will help fix those slow-to-respond problem areas.

Did you know you can further intensify the effects? Here’s how: Apply LIPO-6 DEFINING GEL 30 minutes before your workout. The increased activity from training will heighten blood circulation and amplify the effects. You may experience intense warming and sweat at the application site.

How The Pros Do It

Apply LIPO-6 DEFINING GEL to your fat area of choice and target those trouble spots directly. Now, add your fat burner pill for a strong overall thermogenic effect to help activate full-body fat-burning. Using this 1-2 step method with a diet and exercise program is a sure way to help fast-track your fat loss.

Directions Of Use

Apply 2-4 pumps to dry clean skin by gently rubbing gel into the desired fat area. Use 2-4 pumps for the desired left body area and 2-4 pumps for the desired right body area per application. Use 1-2 times per day. On training days, apply 30 minutes prior to a workout to allow time to dry and take maximum effect. Training will amplify the effects and may cause intense warming and sweating to the application site. Best areas to apply are on stomach fat, lower back and love handles, glutes as well as hamstrings.

Supplement Facts

Nutrition facts might vary based on the flavour

Other Ingredients

Water, ethyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, ethoxydiglycol, menthol, dimethyl isosorbide, capsaicin, yohimbine HCI, arginine, theophylline, diacylglycerol, resveratrol, caffeine, methyl salicylate, synephrine, glycyrrhetinic acid, caprylic/capric triglyceride, limonene, carbomer, triethanolamine.

About This Brand

 Nutrex Research was founded in 2002 and operates out of its’ own 80,000 sq ft, Nutrex Research's focus has always been on developing innovative, high-quality supplements with superior taste powered by the most effective ingredients. Nutrex Research is driven by the desire to offer you the best possible product solutions so you can reach your physique and fitness goals faster.

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ممتااااز صراحه فرق معاي كثير خصوص بالمناطق اللي فيها دهون احطه قبل التمرين

By: ريم on2022-10-02 14:21:24

ممتااااز صراحه فرق معاي كثير خصوص بالمناطق اللي فيها دهون احطه قبل التمرين

ممتااااز صراحه فرق معاي كثير خصوص بالمناطق اللي فيها دهون احطه قبل التمرين
Byريمon2022-10-02 14:21:24
ممتااااز صراحه فرق معاي كثير خصوص بالمناطق اللي فيها دهون احطه قبل التمرين
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