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Swedish Posture Stabilize

Swedish Posture Stabilize

Swedish Posture Stabilize

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About This Product

Posture Stabilize is a waist belt that supports the lower back and torso. It provides instant support for the back and improves your posture. Stabilize is perfect for physically demanding work, or for longtime standing and walking.

Posture Stabilize has a removable pad that can be heated or chilled for lower back thermotherapy. Adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit.

Stabilize (Waist measurement)

XS  20-39"  (60-75 cm)

S     30-33"  (75-85 cm)

M    34-37"  (85-95 cm)

L     38-47"  (95-120 cm)

About This Brand

Swedish Posture has developed products that contribute to improved posture, active sitting, and low intense training, while you are spending time doing other activities. Swedish Posture naturally reminds our bodies by activating your muscles, therefore improving your overall posture and strengthening the muscles over time.

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