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sirona - bodyguard - baby diapers disposal bags
Sirona - BodyGuard - Baby Diapers Disposal Bags
Sirona - BodyGuard - Baby Diapers Disposal Bags Image

Sirona - BodyGuard - Baby Diapers Disposal Bags

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About This Product

Bigger And Better: Sirona’s Sanitary Napkin & Baby Diaper Disposal Bags are now bigger & better - Bag size 25.5 cm x 17 cm.

Clean And Discreet Disposal of intimate and sanitary products.

Oxo Biodegradable Bags: These are Oxo-biodegradable bags (Nature Friendly!) with built-in tamper-proof glue.

Highly Discreet: Our sanitary bags seal perfectly with no leakage, tamper proof and tear proof. Bag seals the odor inside the bag and helps keep your surroundings fresh and clean.

Convenient To Carry: Ideal for disposal of sanitary pads, tampons, panty liners, PeeBuddy, baby diapers etc. Fits conveniently in purse for quick and easy handling.

Tear-Resistant: Sirona’s ‘I Love Clean’ Disposable Sanitary Bags are made using extra-durable plastic. It has thick double seams to hold your waste in- without ending up with rips and tears.

Super-Sealed: The Sirona Sanitary Disposal Bags come with built-in glue which seals perfectly. The leak-proof design keeps the bacteria and wetness where it belongs making your surroundings safe and hygienic.

Multipurpose: These oxo-biodegradable bags from Sirona are large enough for the hygienic and sanitary disposal of used feminine hygiene items, baby diapers, adult diapers, wet wipes.

Odor-Lock: Lock the smells of your waste in-just stick and seal to cancel out any unpleasant odors that have the possibility of emanating from these disposable bags. This is perfect for when you are travelling and can’t bin the waste.

Directions Of Use

Step (1): put out one from the box.

Step (2): put the waste in the bin.

Step (3): seal by removing the plastic adhesive

Step (4): dispose off in the bin

About This Brand

At Sirona we’re committed towards an exclusive objective: creating products for the feminine hygiene problems. Sirona tries breaking the stigma around menstrual hygiene and redefine femininity for modern times. Sirona’s mission is to impact the lives of women by offering products that solve feminine hygiene issues.

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