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Grenade Defend BCAA 2:1:1 Ratio Amino Recovery

Grenade Defend BCAA 2:1:1 Ratio Amino Recovery

Grenade Defend BCAA 2:1:1 Ratio Amino Recovery

About This Product

Defend® BCAA is a reformulated version of the Defend Full Spectrum Amino Acid product. We have stripped out the full spectrum amino blend and replaced with a potent 7 grams of BCAA’s at a 2:1:1 ratio, containing micronized, Pepform® and free form amino acid.

  • 7g BCAA - 2:1:1 Ratio
  • 1g of Glutamine
  • 500mg of Powdered Coconut Water (rich in minerals and electrolytes) and Electrolyte Blend


NEW Product Highlights

  • Fermented BCAAs – no duck feathers or human hair (commonly used to source BCAAs in other products)
  • Added Glutamine, Powdered Coconut Water and Electrolytes
  • Informed sport – certified banned substance free
  • Patented ingredients – Pepform® Leucine and Glutamine Peptides (isolated from whey proteins, highly bio-available forms)
  • Micronized amino acids – improved mix-ability and delivery
  • New Flavour Technology – 2 dramatically improved flavours
  • Grenade Funnel still included in every tub!
  • Stackable with any of the Grenade Essentials range to tailor to your own goals
  • GMO Free  

If you’re lifting heavy and often and you want your muscles to grow to their maximum potential, you need to protect them from catabolic forces whenever possible. That means preventing muscle breakdown! The most basic, unavoidable reality when it comes to muscle growth is that you must ensure that more amino acids are entering the muscle tissue throughout the day than are leaving it.

To achieve this delicate but crucial balance, you’ve got to be regularly making the most important amino acids available to your muscles. Defend has been formulated with all of the most anabolic and anti-catabolic amino acids required by the human body in an unbelievable tasting powdered drink mix, so you’ll never be caught short when it comes to supplying your muscles with the most potent building blocks required for their growth and repair! Defend is designed to be used throughout the day, either with meals to enhance the amino acid profile of your diet or between meals as an anti-catabolic. It also makes a perfect Intra-Workout or Post-Workout supplement (along with your protein shake) as a broader spectrum alternative to BCAAs.

Remember, Defend is designed for athletes and military personnel who want to avoid muscle breakdown and maximise their exercise recovery, strength and lean muscle mass. It is an advanced, new, full-spectrum amino acid product, which contains every amino acid required to build and repair muscle. Also, virtually all of the amino acids found in Defend are delivered in both the peptide-bonded and free forms, for a broader range of absorption and kinetics. Finally, Defend is formulated with key nutrients to enhance absorption, uptake and retention of its vital amino acid payload.

Directions of Use:

Direction of Use:

Take two (2) level scoops of Grenade Defend® powder with approx. 240mL water during, or immediately, after high intensity exercise. 
Alternatively Grenade Defend® can be added to a water bottle and consumed throughout the day. Scoop and funnel provided

Supplement Facts

Energy KJ 187
Energy Kcal 44
Fat  0.02g
    Of which saturates  0.02g
Carbohydrates  1.68g
    Of which sugars  0.14g
Fibre  1.09g
Protein 7.88g
Salt  0.10g
Vitamin C 7.00mg    8.7%
Vitamin B3  5.00mg    31%
Vitamin B6 4.12mg    294%
Vitamin B1 2.95mg    268%
Vitamin B12 0.15mcg   5.8%

Micronized L-Leucine 3400mg 
Pepform® Leucine Peptides 100mg 
Micronized L-Isoleucine 1750mg
Micronized L-Valine     1750mg
Micronized L-Glutamine 900mg
Pepform® Glutamine Peptides    100mg
Powdered Coconut Water  500mg

Electrolyte Blend 

Sodium Citrate, Monopotassium

Phosphate, Magnesium Citrate



Fermented Branched Chain Amino Acids 2.1.1 (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine), Flavourings, Resistant Dextrin, Citric Acid, L-Glutamine, Powdered Coconut Water, Sweeteners: Acesulfame K, Sucralose; DL-Malic Acid, Sodium Citrate, Monopotassium Phosphate, Leucine Peptides (MILK), Glutamine Peptides (SOY, MILK), Anti-caking Agent: Calcium Silicate; Fermented L-Isoleucine, Vegan L-Valine, Vitamin Blend (Ascorbic Acid, Nicotinamide, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Thiamine Hydrochloride, Cyanocobalamin), Magnesium Citrate, Colour: E124.

ALLERGY ADVICE: For allergens see ingredients in BOLD.

About This Brand

Founded in 2009, Grenade set about creating products that people would actively seek out and remember! Grenade develops its products for life athletes, who cherish training and demand sports supplements which are made of the best ingredients and materials, and this is how it became named as one of the UK’s fastest growing companies.

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