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muscletech platinum 100% carnitine
MuscleTech Platinum 100% Carnitine
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MuscleTech Platinum 100% Carnitine

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About This Product

L-carnitine has been shown to promote recovery following resistance exercise by minimizing muscle damage. In fact, in recent clinical research at a leading university, subjects supplementing with just 1g of L-carnitine experienced improved muscle recovery post-training.

Platinum 100% Carnitine supplies the most researched form of L-carnitine – L-carnitine L-tartrate, which is an amino acid metabolite that acts as a co-factor to help transport fatty acids to the mitochondria. Mitochondria are responsible for cellular energy production. What’s more, the non-stimulant properties of Platinum 100% Carnitine make it the perfect addition to your favorite diet supplement stack!

  • Supports muscle recovery
  • 100% Pure Carnitine formula
  • You can take throughout the day, between meals and with any other supplements
Directions Of Use

Take 1 serving (1 capsule) 1 to 2 times daily with a glass of water.


  • Not intended for use by persons under 18.
  • Do not use if pregnant or nursing.
  • Consult a medical doctor before starting a diet or exercise program.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Supplement Facts

Nutrition facts might vary based on the flavour
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
L-carnitine (as L-carnitine L-tartrate) 500 mg **
** Daily Value not established.
Other Ingredients:
Bovine Gelatin, Water, Titanium Dioxide, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Talc.
About This Brand

Today, MuscleTech is a brand name synonymous with premium-quality, top-of-the-line products that span more than a decade, including Nitro-Tech®, Cell-Tech™, Nano Vapor®, Mass-Tech®, just to name a few. The top-tier development of these supplements has established a proud legacy, and this legacy stands unmatched amongst competitive companies in the supplement industry.

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29 Review(s)
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Top review

By: Reda on2020-02-16 13:21:00

منتج ممتاز وتوصيل ممتاز

Bymajdon2020-05-24 11:15:00
صراحة ما حسيت نتيجة لحرق الدهون مع اني ملتزم بكارديو واكل صحي يعني الخلاصة لو بدك تشتريه وتعتمد عليه لحاله ما رح ينفعك بس في له فوائد اخرى
ByRedaon2020-02-16 13:21:00
منتج ممتاز وتوصيل ممتاز
ممتاز وباذن الله بينفع
Byon2018-01-04 21:56:00
تحت التجربه
it's safe to say that they have been working hand
Bygervasiuson2016-01-20 10:46:30
I use this along with CLA and I think it's safe to say that they have been working hand and hand and decreased my body fat quite a bit!
Used this for recovery and it worked quite well.
Bygenghiscloton2016-01-12 02:15:57
Used this for recovery and it worked quite well.
. becoming less sore is one thing i really do love.
Byphelanmcgregoron2016-01-04 05:33:52
Took this with Ntiro-tech and could feel my body recovering faster. becoming less sore is one thing i really do love.
Great for recovery
ByCliffT06on2015-12-27 23:27:38
Great for recovery ! I was able to try this as a sample from Muscle Tech. Still going at it but so far I've noticed much improvement.
Byhuzaifa on2015-12-11 23:20:00
Amazing Boost in recovery.felt less sore after workouts and overall increase in strength and gains.keeps you lean by burning fat and is an essential in every stack.
helped me burn fat
Bylorenzorenatioon2015-12-04 18:27:51
helped me burn fat while I had a good diet and exercise program even if I didn't it helps with energy!
Thanks Muscle Tech
ByIanL5on2015-12-03 11:55:44
I am taking this with my other supplements but have still noticed improvement in overall strength and recovery. Thanks Muscle Tech for allowing me a free sample to try!
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