Limited Polar International Guarantee

♦ Guarantee with respect to any product will be limited to countries where the product has been initially sold. Items purchased second hand or by other distributors are not covered by warranty.


♦ Hold onto your receipt, Proof of purchase is a must for all warranty claims and service requests.

♦ Hold onto your user manual, the complete guarantee terms can be found in it.


♦ The guarantee - regardless of the purchase date - does not cover the battery, normal wear and tear, damage due to misuse, abuse, accidents or non-compliance with the precautions; improper maintenance, commercial use, cracked, broken or scratched cases/displays, armband, elastic strap (e.g. heart rate sensor chest strap) and Polar apparel.

♦ Customers wish to get the benefit of manufacturer's services provided by the product manufacturer or its authorized dealer, after the guarantee runs out or when facing any problems uncovered by the warranty, can send their product to our service center in Dubai to be viewed by the technical and customer care department. Once the problem is identified and the cost is estimated, the next stage involves the customer’s approval whether to fix it or not.