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Casein Protein

Whey and casein are two of the most popular proteins in the market today and for a good reason. Both proteins are high quality and contain all the important amino acids that your body cannot make and thus you must derive them from food, which makes them great for muscle growth and repair.

Casein is a slow-digesting protein resulting in a slower, more prolonged release of amino acids. This makes it a very beneficial protein to take especially during prolonged periods of fasting or before you to go sleep. How is this beneficial?  Well, the truth is that muscle growth and repair don’t only happen in the hours following athletic exercise; it happens all day. When you’re in an anabolic state, resting, that’s when your body starts repairing itself. However, as you’re not generally consuming protein while you fast, the body doesn’t have as easy access to amino acids. Here is where Casein proteins become important as it’s digested and absorbed more slowly, releasing its nutrients into the bloodstream over time rather than all at once.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Benefits of Casein Proteins?

-Helps build muscle mass and spare muscle-wasting
-Helps with nighttime muscle recovery
-Has clear benefits for bone health, lowering adults’ risk of fractures and improving bone density

Do casein protein powders help with weight loss?

Definitely, casein protein or any other sources of protein is a must if you want to lose fat or build muscle. Casein protein powder can help you stay fuller longer, which in turn can keep you within your ideal calorie range for weight loss.

Is casein protein good for females?

Protein powders in general work just as well for women as they do for men.

What is the best time to consume casein protein?

Before bed to build muscle or as a meal replacement/snack between meals to prevent hunger pangs and overeating.