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Universal Nutrition BCAA Stack

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Universal Nutrition BCAA Stack - S

Universal Nutrition BCAA Stack

About This Product

BCAA Stack, with its clinically suggested ratio of branched-chain amino acids and glutamine, can actually help promote strength, support performance, provide energy during dieting, and support lean mass gains while optimizing bodyfat loss. BCAA Stack is perfect for all serious athletes, from the bodybuilder to the marathoner, the gainer to the dieter. Studies have suggested that the formula in BCAA Stack can promote nitrogen retention, which in turn helps your body accumulate lean mass. Furthermore, recent studies have surmised that the BCAA/glutamine stack could promote strength and positively promote body composition.

Directions Of Use

For its potential anti-catabolic benefits during intense training or when dieting, take 2 servings per day, with one serving immediately following exercise.
For general benefits: take 1 serving per day.
For optimum results: take this product in conjuction with your favorite post-training protein/carb shake.


  • As with all exercise and nutrition programs, please consult your physician prior to use.

Supplement Facts

Nutrition facts might vary based on the flavour
Serving Size10G(1Scoop)
Servings per container 25
Amount Per Serving(Note: the following facts may slightly vary depending on the different flavors)
% DV
Calories 0  
Total Fat 0g 0%*
Saturated Fat 0g 0%*
Total Carbohydrates 0g 0%*
Glutamine 2.75g **
Leucine 2.5g **
Isoleucine 1.25g **
Valine 1.25g **
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
** Daily Value (DV) not established.
Other Ingredients:  
Grape Flavor, Citric Acid, Aspartame, FD&C Red #40 Lake, FD&C Blue #1. Made In A GMP Facility That Uses Milk, Soy, Egg, Peanuts.
Ingredient Notes:  
Phenylketonurics: Contains Phenylalanine

About This Brand

The well-established Universal Nutrition was founded as a manufacturer of nutritional supplements for bodybuilders in the golden age of bodybuilding, 1977. Universal Nutrition is known to provide the finest nutritional supplements in the world, and to promote a positive community of lifters internationally, believing that true strength is the strength of body, character and community.

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Top review

By: Nini Robakidze on 19 January 2015

So tasty and really helpful, even if u r a little bit hungry )))



شارع الإمام الشافعي 4778

By: عبدالرحمن on 28 December 2019

الطعم نفس الماركة مش ذاك الزود

Nini Robakidze

i love this stack

By: Nini Robakidze on 19 December 2015

So tasty and really helpful, even if u r a little bit hungry )))


The main disadvantage

By: Alexandra on 22 November 2015

The main disadvantage of this complex of a BCAA is a difficult mixing.

Erzsebet K

The secret

By: Erzsebet K on 04 November 2015

The secret to this supplement is to let it sit in your shaker cup after you mix it up for a few mins.



By: VANWINKLE81 on 22 October 2015


Tae Min (Henry) Kim.

When I started to use the first month of January.

By: Tae Min (Henry) Kim. on 20 October 2015

I can use before and after my workouts to recover or boost me up! It helps me to use that. First of all I taste a Lemon Lime when it was January. After 3~4 months. I tried to change for grape. Grape is more delicious than Lemon...... Right now, I like grapes, the reason is purple (a little bit of black and blue.)

Tamer Badr

This product never failed me.

By: Tamer Badr on 27 September 2015

I take 2 scoops 30 min before workout in one cup of water with 5gm of creatine, it dissolves easily and gives the needed endurance, the lime taste is awesome too.


help supplement

By: Adam on 14 August 2015

it's great to help supplement your body with essential BCAA's throughout your workout.


Love the flavor

By: James on 09 June 2015

Solid energy throughout! Tastes like a lemon-lime gatorade which is great and it's helped me through some good workouts.


i really like the taste

By: GideonD1025 on 04 November 2014

Something i really like the taste was a grape bubblicious and the bcaa help was really great i would recommend this to people to try it .....

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