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Sporter Weightlifting Gel Performer Gloves

Sporter Weightlifting Gel Performer Gloves

Sporter Weightlifting Gel Performer Gloves

About This Product

Whether you are weightlifting, cycling or bodybuilding, you need durability and stability during your workout sessions. Sporter Weightlifting Gel Performer Gloves are here to do the job.
Sporter Weightlifting Gel Performer Gloves provides great gripping, full support and safety.

A material that you will easily adapt to, allowing your wrist to be held securely in place, complete your exercise correctly and get more reps done. Avoid getting hurt and avoid itching with Sporter Weightlifting Gel Performer Gloves, and get used to flexibility, support, steady grips and more power!

About This Brand

Sporter is one of the best manufacturers of sports related high- quality and stylish applinces that help athletes during and on their way to their fitness journy in MENA and the GCC area.


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Very Bad Gloves

By: Ayman on 06 February 2020

The worst I have ever tried, I do not have control over the weights and I was in danger of slipping through my fingers.



By: Aly on 17 December 2019


أبو سمير

By: أبو سمير on 14 October 2019

منتج رائع وجودة عالية


By: MoeRamahi on 04 September 2019

The quality for the gloves are really great but as gloved for gym I didn’t see them that good, it causes pain for the palm of the hand.


By: خليل on 25 April 2019

نوعية ممتازة

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