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kaged - in-kaged intra-workout
Kaged - IN-Kaged Intra-Workout
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Kaged - IN-Kaged Intra-Workout

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About This Product

Anyone looking to boost performance, energy, and endurance in the gym with added citrulline for added intra-workout pump and BCAAs to help kick-start recovery.

Improve Endurance and Enhance Your Toughest Workouts

  • Maximum Endurance
  • Massive Muscle Pumps
  • Unstoppable Energy
  • Intense Strength

Finish Stronger Than You Started

Energy / Performance / Pump / Endurance

In-Kaged is your premium intra workout drink. Complete with BCAAs, caffeine, and hydration support to help you finish your workout as strong as you started.

Why In-Kaged?

  • Clean Energy

Organic caffeine for energy without the jitters.

  • Cellular Hydration

With coconut water powder and taurine.

  • Increase Performance & Endurance

Get stronger, go longer, and fight fatigue*

  • No Artificial Flavor Or Color

And it still tastes incredible!

  • Third-Party Tested

Informed-Sport Certified so it's safe for athletes

  • The Right Dosages

Of premium, researched sports nutrition ingredients.

  • Fight The Mid-Workout Crash

When we say finish strong, we mean it. In-Kaged is designed to help you finish your workout as hard as you started. Oftentimes, your pre-workout will wear off leaving you with the dreaded mid-workout crash. In-Kaged will help you fight fatigue and enhance endurance with CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine. It will help you stay in the zone, and finish strong with a unique Neuro-Energy Matrix blend of organic caffeine, taurine, and L-tyrosine.

  • Refuel During The Anabolic Window

In-Kaged is the elite intra-workout supplement. What does that mean for you? It will help keep your muscles fueled and hydrated during that long workout. Fermented BCAAs will help feed your muscles during every set and L-Citrulline will keep you pumped through each rep.

  • Premium Ingredients

Like all Kaged supplements, In-Kaged is sourced with the highest quality ingredients on the market. Every batch is third-part tested for quality to ensure your workouts never suffer. We pride ourselves knowing that each scoop will help you achieve your best. That is the Kaged standard.

Know Your Ingredients:

  • Fermented BCAAs / Vegan

Most companies use amino acids sourced from animal fur and human hair. In-Kaged is formulated with a natural, industry-leading fermentation process, extracted from 100% plant-based sources for clean, health-forward BCAAs you can trust to fuel your muscles.

  • L-Citrulline / Massive Pumps

In-Kaged triggers powerful nitric oxide support and increased vasodilation for enhanced muscle-nutrient delivery, and hard, long-lasting muscle pump.

  • Beta-Alanine / Endurance

Beta-alanine is an amino acid that binds with the amino acid histidine to help your body make carnosine. Carnosine supports better overall muscle function by bufferin hydrogen ions when the body's pH becomes low, a byproduct of intense exercise. Studies have shown that beta-alanine supplementation, over-time, can improve endurance during bursts of high-intensity exercise.

  • Taurine / Endurance Performance

Taurine is involved in various physiological processes, including facilitating calcium release, which impacts muscle contractions, contributing to the antioxidant system's stress response, and influencing substrate utilization. A meta-analysis of studies on taurine supplementation demonstrates that it increased overall endurance performance.

  • Coconut Water / Hydration

One of nature’s superfoods, In-Kaged contains 500mg of tender coconut water powder that’s carefully freeze-dried using a unique low-temperature dehydration process and manufactured in a world-class production facility.

  • Organic Caffeine / Energy

PurCaf® organic caffeine is a premium, organic certified, 90% pure caffeine extract derived from water extracted green coffee beans for naturally sourced energy. Time to kick synthetic caffeine to the curb and switch to "green energy." PurCaf®is manufactured by a solvent-free process.

  • L-Tyrosine / Cognitive Performance

Tyrosine is a precursor for catecholamines - neurotransmitter hormones associated with motivation and our "fight or flight" response. Studies have shown tyrosine can enhance cognitive performance under stress.

Directions Of Use

As a dietary supplement, mix one scoop in 12-16 ounces of water and consume during exercise on training days, or throughout the day on non-training.


  • Contains caffeine.
  • Consult your physician prior to using this product if you are pregnant, nursing, under 18 years of age, taking medication, have a medical condition or sensitive to caffeine. Immediately discontinue use and contact your physician if any adverse reactions occur.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place away from excessive heat.
  • Serving scoop included (may settle to the bottom during shipping).



Supplement Facts

Nutrition facts might vary based on the flavour

Flavor: Blue RaspBerry

Serving Size: 1 scoop (15.5 g)

Servings Per Container: about 20


Amount per serving





Total Carbohydrate







L-Citrulline (fermented)



L-Isoleucine (fermented)



L-Valine (fermented)




L-Citrulline (fermented)



CarnoSyn (Beta-Alanine)



Coconut fruit water powder










Caffeine (from PurCaf caffeine from organic green coffee bean)



+ Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet

++ Daily value not established.

About This Brand

Kaged was born of a need for ultra-premium, health-focused products that actually work. It helps you lift heavier, run faster, and live healthier. Kaged elite supplements aren’t everything; sleep, diet, exercise, sunlight, and hydration—those are the keys to a healthy life.

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Top review
Very good product

By: Bassam AlMofty on2017-07-08 09:20:00

Amazing flavor and very good results

Bassam AlMofty
Very good product
ByBassam AlMoftyon2017-07-08 09:20:00
Amazing flavor and very good results
Very good product
ByMohamedon2017-02-16 16:36:00
It works very good within the workout but the only bad syptom i have noticed is high heartbeat rate
Feel the pump
ByHerberton2016-12-14 18:33:00
I feel the pump. Combination with the pre workout. The best intraworkout ever if you combined it to pre workout of kaged. You will feel the pump every rep.
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