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Results: (7) Items

All About Vitamin A


Vitamin A is basically an organic element that is a crucial micronutrient that living things need in minute amounts for the efficient operation of their metabolism and organism. The such essential vitamin should be received from diet since it cannot be produced by the body, either completely or in adequate amounts. Vitamin A, also known as retinol, has several important functions.

Vitamin A deficiency can lead to or worsen various illnesses that are already present. Some examples include worsening acne, healing scars and wounds becoming worse, and dry eyes, lips, and skin. There are other conditions that vitamin A deficiency can come up with in the course of time and years.

Of course, vitamin A can be gained by eating different kinds of foods, such as meat, vegetables, and fresh juices. However, consuming a vitamin A supplement is also an efficient way to raise its concentration in your body, if consumed as suggested.

Vitamin A is divided into two categories: preformed vitamin A is one of the types that is found in meat, chicken, seafood, and dairy foods. The second type, called pro-vitamin A, is extracted from fruits and vegetables, as well as other organic foods. Vitamin A has so many benefits and advantages for our bodies, whether that includes immune system strength, eyesight, or fertility. They are all affected positively by vitamin A. Other benefits can be:

- It prevents dark blindness

Vitamin A is required to change light into an electrical stimulus that can be transmitted to the brain. In other words, dark blindness is a clear sign of vitamin A insufficiency.

- Vitamin A supplements may reduce the development of some tumors

Since vitamin A has an effect on cell development, it reduces cancer risk. According to existing information, obtaining enough vitamin A is necessary for proper cell development and may lower your risk of certain cancers.

- It helps to maintain a strong immune system

Vitamin A aids in the maintenance of your body's defense mechanisms. These involve the mucosal membranes that assist in capturing germs and other harmful bacteria in your lungs, stomach, and genital area.

- Strengthens Bone Health

Vitamin A deficiency has been linked to poor bone health, so getting enough of it is also important for good bone development.

- Good for the hair

Vitamin A helps in the development of the body’s cells. This involves cells that create hair roots. Moreover, Vitamin A aids in the production of sebum, a natural grease that keeps the scalp hydrated and healthy, enabling hair to grow.

- Vitamin A is known to be helpful for skin

It helps you get rid of acne, because it is considered an antioxidant, vitamin A helps in improving skin as well as general health through combating oxidative stress. Vitamin A may indeed aid in the prevention of irritation, which is a contributing component in acne vulgaris.

Relevant formulations offer the greatest potential for treating acne with vitamin A. Retinols or retinoids are other names for such supplements.

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If you are pregnant or may become pregnant and want to start taking vitamin A supplements, you should see your doctor first.