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Folic Acid, Essential Vitamins

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Results: (7) Items

Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)

Folic acid is one of the most important components that aids in the production of red blood cells, it is a liquid form of vitamin B9 and has so many benefits for our bodies.

What does folic acid dificiency cause?

When the blood doesn't have enough folate (vitamin B9) for it to operate correctly, you have a folate deficit. A lack of folic acid can result in a variety of indications and problems, such as: mainly anemia, body fatigue, worse migraines, pale skin, and reduced mental capacity. That is exactly why we are advised to consume enough amount of folic acid.

What benefits can folic acid supplements give?

Folic acid that can be obtained from various meals. It is further offered as a supplement as folic acid and therefore is consumed. Folate has so many benefits that we must know, such as its role in aiding cell divisions, which is also needed for the formation of DNA and RNA. In addition, folic acid helps in avoiding childbearing problems. There are a lot of other advantages that can be gained if we consume enough folic acid.

- Help your fetus avoid neural tube abnormalities during pregnancy. A British study published over 3 decades ago found that a female's folic acid deficiency doubled her probability of getting a baby with spina bifida or anencephaly. Therefore, acquiring adequate folate might considerably lower the occurrence of such birth abnormalities.

- Folate and vitamin B12 are essential for the transformation of homocysteine to methionine. Individuals who drink more folate have a reduced risk of heart disease, according to several epidemiological studies.

- Consuming folic acid tablets, on the other hand, may help depression drugs work better.

- Folate, a crucial component in one-carbon metabolism, is an important nutrient. Because humans are unable to produce folate, they must rely on supplements to maintain appropriate levels.

What Foods are rich with Folic Acid?

- Dark green leafy vegetables (spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli)

- Beans

- Sunflower seeds

- Fresh fruits and fruit juices

- Whole grain

- Eggs

Besides these kinds of foods, folic acid, which is supplied by supplements, is effectively absorbed by your body.

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Can Folic Acid be helpful to men?

Especially for men, folate acid has the potential to strengthen hair and help infertile males become more fruitful. As previously stated, it aids in the treatment of certain mental health conditions like depression.

However, you should know that folic acid is safe to be taken by most kids and adults. Yet, it is not appropriate for everybody. Before taking folic acid, you should talk to your doctor before consuming any.