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Sporter Nylon Weightlifting Belt

Sporter Nylon Weightlifting Belt

Sporter Nylon Weightlifting Belt

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About This Product

Increase your weightlifting capacity with Sporter Nylon Weightlifting Belt! Weightlifting belts are known to act as external support to help you lift heavier weight than you could through your natural strength alone. They are also known to act as a brace on your lower back, protecting it and preventing the rupturing of a disc.

Sporter Nylon Weightlifting Belt provides a proprioceptive cue to your torso to squeeze and tighten your core muscles harder when you’re lifting a really heavyweight, from the most trusted brand that you are already used to Sporter.

M 92 cm
L 102 cm

About This Brand

Sporter was first established in 2012, Sporter is a company that designs and manufactures athletic and casual accessories with a carefully selected wide range of products starting with meal containers, Backpacks, Face masks, Weightlifting equipment, and a lot more using high-quality materials that it became an important part in all athletics daily routine.

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